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Last modified: Friday, October 24, 2003

IU biologist to preside over international society, art show

Indiana University Bloomington biologist Roger Hangarter has been elected president of the American Society of Plant Biologists. His one-year term will begin in October 2004.

ASPB spokesperson Brian Hyps said of Hangarter, "He has won members' trust and respect, and these are folks who care a lot about their presidency."

Hangarter's election happened just before the opening of "sLow Life," an artistic exhibition he created in collaboration with Arizona artist Dennis DeHart. "sLow Life" is on display at the IUB School of Fine Arts Gallery from today (Oct. 24) through Nov. 21. The exhibit features sped-up movies of plants growing and responding to various stimuli, as well as digital prints and live plants. "sLow Life" and Hangarter's Web site "Plants-in-Motion" are parts of his ongoing effort to combat the public perception that plants are static objects instead of extremely dynamic creatures -- as revealed when they are appreciated at their own speed.

Founded in 1924, the Rockville, Md.-based American Society of Plant Biologists is a non-profit scientific society representing nearly 6,000 plant scientists from around the world. Indiana University has 20 members in the society, including IU Bloomington biologists Mark Estelle, Roger Innes and Loren Rieseberg.

To speak with Hangarter, contact David Bricker at 812-856-9035 or

To learn more about gallery events planned for Oct. 24, visit the SoFA Web site: