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Last modified: Friday, January 30, 2004

IU's spring enrollment at record levels again

Enrollment at Indiana University's eight campuses for the spring semester is 94,212, which is an IU record. The number of credit hours taken -- 1,054,232 -- also is a record for the university. Enrollment increased 0.6 percent over the spring semester 2002-03, and credit hours increased 1.7 percent.

Among individual IU campuses, Bloomington and IUPUI established spring semester records for enrollment and credit hours, according to the official university enrollment figures released today (Jan. 30). Second semester Bloomington enrollment is 36,473, up from 36,281 in spring 2002-03, and credit hours increased from 475,964 a year ago to 482,658. This is the fourth straight year for records in both areas on the Bloomington campus. At IUPUI, second semester enrollment is 28,453, up from 28,120 a year ago; credit hours increased from 290,053 in 2002-03 to 297,169.

Enrollment increases also were recorded at IU East, IU Kokomo and IU Northwest. Record credit-hour levels also were established at East, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne and IU South Bend, and increases occurred at Kokomo and Northwest.

Here are the enrollment and credit hour counts at other IU campuses, with changes from spring semester 2002-03 levels:

East enrollment 2,323, up 2.6 percent, credit hours 22,402, up 4.4 percent; Fort Wayne enrollment 6,076, down 0.7 percent, credit hours 59,092, up 0.8 percent; Kokomo enrollment 2,740, up 6.4 percent, credit hours 25,934, up 8.2 percent; Northwest enrollment 5,091, up 3.3 percent, credit hours 46,199, up 3.1 percent; South Bend enrollment 7,018, down 0.4 percent, credit hours 64,151, up 1.2 percent; Southeast enrollment 6,038, down 4.5 percent, credit hours 56,626, down 2.1 percent.

The total eight-campus enrollment was 94,212 (93,664 in spring 2002-03), up 0.6 percent, and the total of credit hours was 1,054,232 (1,036,142 in spring 2002-03), up 1.7 percent.