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University Communications

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IU Office of the Vice President for Engagement

Last modified: Wednesday, July 7, 2010

IU, Vai create venture to advance, implement eye recognition technologies

July 7, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Indiana University Research & Technology Corp. (IURTC) and Vai technology Inc. have created Passive Identification Technologies (PIT) LLC, a joint venture formed to commercialize and create a home for a portfolio of iris recognition technologies. The technology will enhance the ease of security systems, allowing iris recognition to be implemented into existing video technology.

Vai technology

PIT has licensed from IURTC a portfolio of seven technologies invented by Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Assistant Professor Eliza Du of the Purdue School of Engineering. The portfolio will provide the technical foundation for commercial products focused on passive iris recognition.

Mark Kosiarek, chief executive officer of Vai technology, a Fishers, Ind., based company, will serve as manager of the new corporation.

"Vai technology is excited about the vast opportunity ahead with Passive Identification Technologies," Kosiarek said. "We look forward to working with IURTC and Dr. Du to create important new technology with our exceptional Indiana engineering talent."

There currently is no iris recognition system that can perform positive human identification in video surveillance, and the quality of an iris image obtained from a passive subject is often poor. For a passive subject who may be facing away from the camera, off-angle iris images will often be captured with motion blur or out-of-focus.

The new technology is based on iris video images instead of an individual image frame and uses selected features with sufficient quality to generate a multi-resolution template for multi-stage matching. Since this system can also work with low-quality images, it can help to stretch the range of regular iris recognition systems.

"This partnership is another way for IURTC to help move technologies along the development process," said IURTC President Tony Armstrong. "The IURTC is always looking for ways to partner with industry experts who can help us learn what market opportunities exist for the technologies being developed by IU researchers."

The company will build a demonstration system over the next six months for the defense and security industries.

This mission of the IURTC is to help companies bring new technology to the marketplace and support technology-based economic development throughout Indiana and the nation. It is dedicated to enhancing the research and development capability of Indiana University, creating new Indiana-based companies, and providing support for entrepreneurial development. For more information, visit:

Vai technology was born from the belief that tomorrow, companies and individuals will create even more astounding products and services than yesterday. Innovation will come without geographic boundary, and a key enabler will continue to be the $300 billion semiconductor industry. To learn more about Vai technology visit:

To speak with Armstrong or Kosiarek, please contact Steve Chaplin, University Communications, at 812-856-1896 or, or Rebecca Carl, IU Office for Engagement, at 317-321-1446 or