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Last modified: Wednesday, July 14, 2010

IURTC launches new website to streamline, expedite path to successful innovation

July 14, 2010

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- The official launch today of the new Indiana University Research & Technology Corp. (IURTC) website brings with it a user-friendly, one-stop shop designed to empower and connect inventors, entrepreneurs and investors.

IURTC website

In addition to success stories of IU innovation and commercialization, the new IURTC website also provides an extensive cache of information and documents designed to benefit faculty and staff researchers, entrepreneurs and investors through the intellectual property development process.

Developed specifically to network faculty, industry and the community with IU's resources for successful discovery, licensing and commercialization -- that means from the starting blocks of tracking down initial research funding to the finish line where patents and profit-sharing await -- the new IURTC website takes a giant leap beyond the news of the day, upcoming events and supportive testimonials that are the foundation of many information sites.

Offering everything from primers on technology commercialization, policy statements on intellectual property, an individualized index of support staff, and a catalog and storehouse of forms covering topics from pre-disclosure to copyright and revenue sharing, the new site was designed to meet a growing demand voiced by faculty and industry alike for a single clearinghouse of resources designed to expedite and assist with commercializing innovation.

"This new website will provide IU faculty with resources and information literally at their fingertips," said Bill Stephan, IU Vice President for Engagement. "The IURTC team has significantly ramped up their efforts to assist faculty over the past couple of years, and this site is yet another means by which we seek to advance research and discovery at IU."

IURTC falls within the portfolio of the IU Office of the Vice President for Engagement, so visitors to the new site will also find information about the new Innovate Indiana Fund, the University Intellectual Property Policy and other relevant tools designed to facilitate navigation thorugh the laboratory-to-market process.

"This new website will give our team and IU faculty a real opportunity to move ideas forward quickly," said IURTC president Tony Armstrong. "By having one site where resources are housed, faculty no longer will have to search through numerous sites to find what they need to move their discovery forward with the IURTC team."

The new site was developed following numerous stakeholder interviews throughout the IU community, and a more extensive phase of outreach activities will take place throughout the coming year, with the objective being to promote awareness of the site and how IURTC resources, along with the new web resources, can assist faculty in moving their discoveries through commercialization processes with greater ease and efficiency.


The mission of the IURTC is to help companies bring new technology to the marketplace and support technology-based economic development throughout Indiana and the nation. IURTC is dedicated to enhancing the research and development capability of Indiana University, creating new Indiana-based companies, and providing support for entrepreneurial development. To learn more about IURTC's services and successes, visit:

To speak with Stephan or Armstrong, please contact Steve Chaplin, University Communications, at 812-856-1896 or