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Bill Foley
School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Last modified: Thursday, July 15, 2010

IUPUI workshops to focus on combating terrorism, protecting infrastructure

July 15, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs at IUPUI and its Executive Education Program will host two workshops to support counterterrorism efforts in the public and private sectors.

The day-long workshops will take place July 29 and Sept. 15 at the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Campus Center. They will provide information on combating terrorism by increasing community resiliency, strengthening leadership and undertaking more effective planning.

Emergency Preparedness

The July 29 workshop, "Building American Business Counterterrorism Resiliency through Improved Leadership and Planning," brings together experts on terrorism, industrial espionage, cyber, chemical and radiation security, disaster medicine and food safety.

"The audience is the business community, plus some of the emergency-management and response community," said Bill Foley, organizer of the workshops and a clinical lecturer in public safety in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at IUPUI. The workshop will draw together ideas from business and government on how to prevent and protect against an attack. Foley said the approach, advocated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, represents a significant change from the "smoking hole" theory of responding after an attack happens.

Speakers will include Indiana University experts and officials from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security and the technology and information security companies Spy-Byte and 4cIT.

The Sept. 15 workshop, "Building Resiliency into America's Critical Infrastructure through Improved Leadership and Planning," will focus on improving planning in four key areas: banking, finance, commercial facilities and communications.

It will also be the statewide fall conference of Indiana InfraGard, a partnership between the U.S. government, led by the FBI, and an association of businesses, academic institutions, and state and local law enforcement agencies dedicated to increasing the security of America's infrastructure.

"This is one of the most important gatherings we have held to share ideas on how to protect critical infrastructure and key resources," said Craig Hartzer, clinical professor at IUPUI SPEA and director of the Executive Education Program. "Experts will lead discussions blending ideas into proposals for resolving dangerous infrastructure problems, hopefully helping to prevent hostile acts against the United States."

Sessions will include a keynote address by a national-level cyber security expert and discussions of recent incidents of national significance, the Times Square bombing attempt, credit card skimmer and scanner fraud, Automated Clearing House fraud and other topics. Management and technical track breakout sessions will be included.

For more details go to the SPEA Executive Education website at or the InfraGard site at