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Susan Williams
University Communications

Last modified: Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Overall enrollment at IU campuses sets another record at 109,445 students

Editor's Notes: For graphs and additional enrollment information, please visit

Also, for statistical purposes, the term "beginners" is used in this release rather than the more familiar word "freshmen." Beginning students, or "first time in college (FTIC)," can bring enough credits through dual credit courses taken in high school or AP testing that they are sophomores or occasionally even juniors in standing. Conversely, many part-time students remain freshmen for several semesters.

Sept. 14, 2010

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Official census figures for fall 2010 released today (Sept. 14) show that Indiana University once again set a university-wide enrollment record. With a total of 109,445 students enrolled at all IU campuses this fall, the number represents a 2.1 percent increase over the previous year's record number of 107,160, and is the third consecutive year that enrollment has topped the 100,000 mark.

Additionally, the university as a whole set a record for credit hours students are enrolled in, with 1,277,400, which is an increase of 2.2 percent over last fall's record setting 1,250,480.5.

The total number of beginner students on IU campuses is slightly smaller by 652 students at 14,846, with every campus, except IU East, showing fewer students. This represents a -4.2 percent drop from the previous year. At the same time, however, every IU campus increased overall enrollment from last fall, with all but one setting new enrollment records for total students.

For the second year in a row, IU East saw the largest increase of all campuses. After enjoying a 19.5 percent increase in enrollment in the fall of 2009, the Richmond campus recorded a 15.1 percent increase this fall, going from 2,924 students to 3,365. And with only 2.4 percent of its enrollment at the graduate level, the majority of this increase is among undergraduates.

At first glance, comparative numbers show that IU Kokomo is the only campus that did not set a 2010 total enrollment record. However, its number of full-time students for this fall, 1,729, is a record and an increase of 10.7 percent from 2009. IU Kokomo also set a record for the percentage of undergraduates attending full time at 70 percent, up from the previous high last fall of 66 percent. Finally, with a total enrollment of 3,109 students, IU Kokomo still experienced a 3.9 percent overall increase from last fall's 2,992 students.

Every individual IU campus set records for credit hours students are enrolled in, which suggests that more students are enrolled full time. Here, again, IU East saw the largest increase with 33.411.5 credit hours, a 15.5 percent increase from last year's 28,926.

Across the university, undergraduate enrollment increased by 2.6 percent to 88,067 students. Graduate student enrollment increased slightly to 21,278 students or 0.1 percent, but one category of graduate students -- doctoral-practice students or those enrolled in professional schools -- rose by 2.6 percent.

With the exceptions of Bloomington's and IUPUI's sophomore class numbers -- which declined by 2.7 percent and 0.5 percent, respectively -- sophomore, junior and senior enrollments increased on all campuses. Enrollment grew by 2.4 percent for Indiana residents and 1.3 percent for non-residents.

Enrollment highlights by campus

IU Bloomington:

  • Enrollment reached a record 42,464 students, surpassing last year by 0.3 percent. A record also was set for credit hours at 567,486 for an increase of 0.1 percent.
  • Undergraduate enrollment and hours declined slightly to 31,892 (-0.3 percent) and 472,872.5 (-0.3 percent), however, the graduate headcount and credit hours increased to 4,927 (2.5 percent) and 46,813.5 (3.1 percent).
  • Doctoral-practice (formerly referred to as professional) student enrollment increased to 989 (8.1 percent) and hours to 15,388.5 (9.4 percent).
  • The beginner class is slightly smaller this year with a decrease of 307 (-4.2 percent) students and 5,287 (-4.8 percent) in credit hours. Looking at high school rank, 38.1 percent were in the top 10 percent of their graduating class, compared to 35.6 percent for last year's class.


  • Enrollment and credit hours at IUPUI set new records at 30,566 (0.6 percent) and 345,115.5 (1.5 percent), respectively.
  • Undergraduate enrollment climbed to 21,202 (1.3 percent) and credit hours grew to 255,815.5 (1.9 percent).
  • At the graduate level, the largest increases were with graduate hours with 684 (2.2 percent) and doctoral-research, where enrollment increased to 606 (7.4 percent) and hours climbed to 4,535 (6.1 percent).
  • There were 237 (1.8 percent) more males enrolled with 54 (-0.3 percent) fewer females enrolled.
  • This year's incoming beginner class was smaller by 94 students at 2,925 (-3.1 percent) and translates into 1,426 (-3.5 percent) fewer credit hours than last year's class.

IU East:

  • IU East experienced a huge increase in enrollment and credit hours setting records at 3,365 (15.1 percent) and 33,411.5 (15.5 percent), respectively.
  • Undergraduate enrollment increased by 184 (7.5 percent) and non-degree undergraduates increased to 657 (71.5 percent) with 562 being high school students. Hours for undergraduates increased to 29,849.5 (11.1 percent) and non-degree undergraduate hours increased to 3,050 (100.4 percent).
  • The incoming beginner class remained relatively stable at 403 (0.8 percent) with hours increasing slightly to 5,597 (1.7 percent).

IU Kokomo:

  • Enrollment at IU Kokomo increased to 3,109 (3.9 percent) and hours grew to 30,507 (3.9 percent) setting a record for credit hours.
  • Undergraduate enrollment increased by 83 (3.5 percent) and hours jumped by 1,271 (4.8 percent).
  • Female enrollment increased by 97 (5 percent) and hours grew by 822 (4.3 percent).
  • The incoming beginner class was smaller with enrollment at 380 (-12.4 percent) and hours decreased to 4,804 (-13 percent).

IU Northwest:

  • IU Northwest set a new record for enrollment at 5,969 (7.4 percent) which was previously set in 1992. Hours also set a record at 61,854 (8.6 percent).
  • Undergraduate enrollment increased by 420 (9.3 percent) and hours increased by 4,923 (9.7 percent). Graduate enrollment and credit hours grew by 25 (4.4 percent) and 167 (4.5 percent), respectively.
  • Full-time enrollment increased by 309 (9.5 percent) and hours increased by 3,893.5 (9.2 percent).
  • The incoming beginner class is slightly smaller than last year with enrollment at 938 (-1.7 percent) and hours at 11,281 (-0.9 percent).

IU South Bend:

  • IU South Bend set records for enrollment and credit hours at 8,590 (2.3 percent) and 83,323 (3.5 percent), respectively.
  • Undergraduate enrollment increased by 90 (1.4 percent) and hours increased by 2,042 (2.9 percent). Undergraduate non-degree enrollment increased by 204 (18 percent) and hours by 1,147 (23.4 percent). Graduate enrollment decreased by 50 (-6.9 percent) and hours dipped by 189 (-4.2 percent).
  • Male enrollment increased by 231 (7.3 percent) and hours grew by 2,517 (8 percent).
  • This year's incoming beginner class experienced a decrease of 148 students to 1,058 (-12.3 percent) and hours declined to 12,937 (-11.4 percent). Students in the top 25 percent of their high school class increased from 23.1 percent to 28.1 percent.

IU Southeast:

  • Records for enrollment and credit hours were set at IU Southeast with enrollment at 7,178 (4.9 percent) and hours at 73,324 (5.8 percent).
  • Undergraduate enrollment is up by 345 (6 percent) and hours grew by 3,980 (6.2 percent). Graduate enrollment decreased by 69 (-10.2 percent) and hours declined by 290 (-9.3 percent).
  • Full-time enrollment increased by 226 (5.7 percent).
  • The incoming beginner class at IU Southeast was 1,062, a decrease of 32 (-2.9 percent) and hours were 13,463 (-3.6 percent).

IU Fort Wayne:

  • IU students at Fort Wayne broke records for enrollment at 8,204 (6.3 percent) and hours at 82,379 (5 percent).
  • Undergraduate enrollment and hours increased slightly by 63 (1 percent) and 1,658 (2.3 percent), respectively, while graduate enrollment declined by 17 (-3.8 percent) and hours dipped by 99 (-3.7 percent). The largest increase was at the undergraduate non-degree level where enrollment rose by 453 (46.2 percent) and hours grew by 2,436 (54.6 percent).
  • Part-time enrollment increased by 317 (10.2 percent).
  • The incoming beginner class remained relatively stable at 1,060 (-0.4 percent) and hours grew slightly by 137 (1 percent).