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J T. Forbes
IU Alumni Association

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IU Alumni Association

Last modified: Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Leadership changes announced at the IU Alumni Association

Oct. 20, 2010

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Indiana University Alumni Association Executive Director J Thomas Forbes and IU Foundation President and CEO Gene Tempel have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on data and information technology issues.

The agreement, announced today (Oct. 20), brings both organizations' data and information technology staff together under a single chief information officer, Don Grinstead.

Grinstead has been the chief information officer for the IU Foundation since 2006. Besides heading up the data and IT staff for the IU Alumni Association and the IUF, Grinstead also will lead the development and implementation process for the Enterprise Advancement System, an advanced database and records system.

J Thomas Forbes

Photo by Kevin O. Mooney

J Thomas Forbes

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Grinstead has worked at IU since 1985. During that time, he has been the manager of library automation in Administrative Computing, which predated University Information Technology Services (UITS). Later, he was director of fiscal systems for Financial Management Services and UITS, where he was responsible for enterprise accounting, budget, procurement and research administration information systems.

On Aug. 19, Forbes announced additional leadership changes within the Alumni Association, due in part to the impending retirement of two key staff members at the end of the calendar year -- Joan Curts, director of alumni travel, and John Hobson, former senior vice president. Hobson will continue to offer senior counsel.

Debbie Lemon is now second in command at the IUAA as deputy executive director. She continues to serve as the director of Hoosiers for Higher Education and will be a staff liaison to the Office of the Vice President for Public Affairs and Government Relations. She has moved her office from Bryan Hall to the DeVault Alumni Center.

As the IUAA's deputy executive director, Lemon works with the regional campus alumni directors and is the principal point of contact for the IU Kelley School of Business, IU Maurer School of Law and the Whittenberger Society. Lemon also works on the Distinguished Alumni Service Award program and coordinates the Linsmith Scholarship and IUAA license plate scholarship programs.

IUPUI Alumni Relations Executive Director Stefan Davis added the title of chief enrichment officer of the IUAA. Besides heading IUPUI alumni relations, he leads the development and implementation of a comprehensive strategy for IU alumni lifelong learning and personal enrichment. Alumni travel and outreach programs now report to Davis.

"It is outstanding that these individuals have agreed to assume these key leadership roles," said Forbes, who assumed his position at the Alumni Association on June 1. "This will allow us to make the most of their significant expertise, optimize the use of our talented alumni relations team across the university and enhance our ability to serve both our alumni and university partners."

The IU Alumni Association is dedicated to serving the university and its diverse alumni, students and friends. As one of the nation's largest alumni organizations, serving more than 540,000 graduates worldwide, the IUAA provides many programs and services to its members, nonmember alumni, and the university. For information, visit or call 800-824-3044.