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Last modified: Tuesday, December 21, 2004

IU's Hossler to step down from vice chancellor position and SIS project co-directorship

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Donald Hossler will step down from his position as co-director of the Student Information Systems (SIS) project on January 1 and from his term as vice chancellor for enrollment services on July 1, Kenneth R.R. Gros Louis, interim senior vice president for academic affairs and Bloomington chancellor, announced today (Dec. 21). Hossler, who has served as vice chancellor since 1997, will return full time to the School of Education where he is professor of higher education in July.

Hossler has planned to step down since last spring, but agreed with Gros Louis that he would wait until fall when the SIS project and the next step, the Student Enrollment Services (SES) organization, were expected to be in place. Recent developments, however, have resulted in the process not being completed.

"Don and I were confronted with the decision as to whether he should devote his remaining months to SIS and SES, or instead, focus on key planning for the future in the Office of Enrollment Services. We agreed that focusing on enrollment planning in Bloomington was the best way to go.

"Don has done an extraordinary job and on two difficult fronts. The Student Information Systems Project is huge in itself, but overseeing enrollment services in Bloomington is equally a full-time job," said Gros Louis. "Don is a splendid planner and organizer -- enrollment management is his field of academic expertise. He has brought great benefits to the Bloomington campus. I know others join me in wishing him well in his future endeavors."

Note: For information regarding the Student Information System or Student Enrollment Services, go to: