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Rafael Reuveny
School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Debra Kent
School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Last modified: Monday, January 10, 2005

Media advisory: IU expert available to discuss president-elect of the Palestinian Authority

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- "New Palestinian president, same old problems," says Rafael Reuveny of the election of Mahmoud Abbas as the next president of the Palestinian Authority. An associate professor in Indiana University's School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Reuveny is an expert on the Middle East conflict and is available to discuss the election of Abbas. Below are additional comments from Reuveny and his contact information:

"I predict no change whatsoever in the Middle East conflict. Mahmoud Abbas has already said he wants to return to the 1967 borders and regards East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital, so there is really no difference between his view and Arafat's."

"In some ways, he's even more of a hard-liner. He referred to Israel as the 'Zionist enemy,' and that's a phrase even Arafat rarely used. And when Abbas says he doesn't support armed rebellion, it's not because he thinks it's morally wrong. It's only because he thinks it's counterproductive. Abbas is being sold to the Israeli public as more moderate, more amenable. He isn't. Besides, what does Abbas really control? A few streets, a few office buildings, public services like clinics and trash removal. But he has no influence over the armed groups, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. Bottom line, nothing will change."

Reuveny can be reached at 812-855-6112 (office), 812-342-1190 (home), 812-603-1167 (cell phone) or