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Steve Hinnefeld
IU Communications

Last modified: Tuesday, May 22, 2012

IU e-waste collection program results in recycling almost 400,000 pounds of waste

May 22, 2012

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Indiana University's 2012 Electronic Waste Collection Days event netted 385,000 pounds of computer and electronic equipment for recycling, organizers said.

The event took place May 11 and 12 at IU Bloomington and IU South Bend, providing community members, businesses, schools and organizations the opportunity to dispose of unwanted or outdated equipment at no cost and in an environmentally responsible manner.

E-Waste collection at Memorial Stadium

Workers pack outdated computer equipment collected at IU Bloomington.

Print-Quality Photo

Also, Serve IT received more than 75 potentially reusable personal computers and related items in connection with its first participation in E-Waste Days at IU Bloomington. Its goal is to refurbish 25 of the machines and find homes for them with partner nonprofit organizations in the Bloomington area.

Serve IT is a nonprofit technology clinic, staffed by IU students, faculty and employees and based in the School of Informatics and Computing at IU Bloomington, that assists local nonprofit organizations with technology services and incorporates service learning into IT-related projects.

E-waste was collected for recycling from schools, businesses and nonprofits on May 11 and from individuals on May 12. Results include:

  • IU Bloomington: 175,000 pounds of waste collected and recycled; participation included 262 vehicles on May 11 and 998 vehicles on March 12.
  • IU South Bend: 210,000 pounds of waste collected and recycled; participation included 95 vehicles on May 11 and 972 vehicles on March 12.

In four years, IU E-Waste Collection Days programs have been responsible for recycling 2.27 million pounds of electronic waste that otherwise may have been sent to landfills. Collections included 832,000 pounds in 2009, 650,000 pounds in 2010, 400,000 pounds in 2011 and 385,000 pounds in 2012.

In 2009 and 2011, collections took place in Indianapolis as well as in Bloomington and South Bend.

Reusing and recycling computer equipment and electronic waste conserves resources, reduces energy consumption from mining and manufacturing, and helps keep potentially toxic materials, such as lead, nickel, cadmium and mercury, out of the environment.

Sponsors included the IU Office of Sustainability and City of Bloomington at IU Bloomington and the Center for a Sustainable Future at IU South Bend. Recycling services were provided by Apple.