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Emilie Rex
IU Office of Sustainability

Last modified: Wednesday, October 24, 2012

IU Office of Sustainability names interns for 2012-13 academic year

Oct. 24, 2012

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- The Indiana University Office of Sustainability has named 17 interns to focus on sustainability-related projects at IU Bloomington during the 2012-13 academic year.

Building upon the tradition of the Indiana University Task Force on Sustainability, the Office of Sustainability addresses issues concerning environmental, economic and social sustainability in campus operations, academic programs and university-community relations. The graduate and undergraduate student interns will work on a broad array of issues related to sustainability on the IU campus. They will intern under the guidance of IU faculty and staff.

"When people ask how IU Bloomington has made significant progress on campus sustainability, I point to the student sustainability internship program," said Bill Brown, IU director of sustainability. "These innovative leaders of tomorrow manage complex collaborative initiatives in a real campus community, forever changing the university and themselves in the process."

sustainability interns fall 2012

The IU Office of Sustainability's 2012-13 academic year sustainability interns.

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From its inception in 2007, the sustainability initiative at Indiana University has strived to promote experiential learning as an integral part of the "greening" of the campus. Sustainability internships have been available over the past six summers, and internship projects for the academic school year have been offered for the past four years.

The academic year internship program fosters student learning as it allows interns to find the connection between their project and their academic program. Interns will also participate in a seminar on sustainability, helping to develop a learning community among participants in the internship program.

"We are delighted when we see students applying knowledge and skills acquired through coursework to their internships," said Emilie Rex, assistant director of sustainability. "These internships provide the kind of hands-on experience that deepens students' intellectual experience at the university by allowing them to experiment, take risks and build the career skills essential to making them competitive in the job market."

The 2012-13 academic year sustainability interns are:

Mentored by the IU Office of Sustainability

  • Daniel Edelson, Sustainability and the Greek Community
  • Sharlene Fish, Green Teams Coordination
  • Tim Gates, Greening of the Health Center
  • Haley Long, Sustainability and the First Year Experience
  • Anthony Marletta, Sustainable Purchasing
  • Patricia Peng, Living Sustainably Off-Campus
  • Erik Schneider, Greening of the Athletic Department

Mentored by the Campus Sustainability Advisory Board

  • Alexandra Aznar, Energy and Built Environment: Utility Reporting Dashboard
  • Karina Cardella, Energy and Built Environment: Utility Data Analyst
  • Tim Clark, Transportation: Bicycle Friendly Campus Initiatives
  • Frances Einterz, Food: IUB Campus Garden Initiative
  • Mark Milby, Resource Use and Recycling: No Waste Program Coordination
  • Jon Moberly, Sustainable Computing-Document Management, Paper Usage and Reduction
  • Hayley Prihoda, Environmental Quality and Land Use: Conserving Natural and Cultural Heritage in Dunn's Woods
  • Carolyn Raider, Energy and Built Environment: Utility Conservation in Academic Buildings
  • Skyler Roeshot, Resource Use and Recycling: Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale
  • Emilce Sanchez, Academic Initiatives: Sustainability Academic Programs and Research Clearinghouse

A full list of biographies and internship descriptions can be viewed online.