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Last modified: Monday, October 31, 2005

IU Bloomington chancellor search continued

Oct. 31, 2005

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Indiana University President Adam W. Herbert announced today (Oct. 31) that he is continuing the search process for a Bloomington campus chancellor so additional candidates may be considered.

Herbert had initially hoped to recommend a candidate to the Board of Trustees for approval at its meeting this Friday.

Herbert said the importance of the Bloomington chancellor's position, which carries with it the additional responsibilities of senior vice president of academic affairs for all IU campuses, makes it a position with unique requirements.

The position is currently held on an interim basis by Kenneth Gros Louis, who has said he will remain in the post until a successor is appointed.

"Not only must this person be a strong campus and community leader in Bloomington, but he or she also must be capable of providing support to all eight campuses on academic matters as we work to strengthen our core mission of providing world-class academic programs," Herbert said.

"Although we had several candidates whom we felt would be excellent at some aspects of the job, we concluded that the interests of Indiana University would be served best by continuing the search and taking more time to assure that we get the best possible candidate for all aspects of this important position," he added.

The 23-member search and screen committee provided Herbert with a list of three recommended finalists.

"The search and screen committee devoted much time and effort to this process and identified several good candidates for on-campus consideration," Herbert said. "I am deeply grateful for the committee's hard work and commitment."

Herbert said that he and Gros Louis have been working together in a very extensive due diligence process related to each finalist.

"That process led me to conclude that although the initial candidates were all very able professionals, we have not yet identified the appropriate leader to fill this important position," Herbert said.

In keeping with the wishes of the candidates, their names will not be publicly disclosed.

Herbert has asked the committee to continue the search and screening process with a goal of bringing the process to conclusion by the end of the spring semester.

"Although I know this decision may result in conflicts with the schedules and plans of some committee members, it is my hope that most members, if not all, will continue to serve until an appointment can be made," Herbert said.

Herbert said that because Gros Louis is handling the responsibilities of the position in such a capable manner, continuing the search for a few more months will not interfere with current organizational momentum. To assure that this momentum is maintained, Herbert has asked Gros Louis to address the following matters over the next several months:

  • Appoint a new vice chancellor for enrollment services
  • Appoint a new graduate school dean and associate vice president for academic affairs
  • Appoint a new director of the IU Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching (FACET)
  • Explore promotion increments with chancellors and deans
  • Assure that all key policy recommendations related to the Mission Differentiation Project are submitted to the Board of Trustees within the agreed-upon time frame
  • Implement program review procedures for all campuses
  • Evaluate the impact of the new School of Informatics on the Bloomington campus
  • Ensure smooth development of the Student Enrollment Systems
  • Analyze the library needs of the future in light of continuing digital developments
  • Enhance admissions requirements for the Bloomington campus
  • Initiate a more aggressive student recruiting program nationally, internationally and within Indiana
  • Continue to improve relations and collaborative activities with Ivy Tech
  • Consider dental insurance for professional and graduate student academic appointees