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Last modified: Monday, November 21, 2005

President's Statement

Of President Adam W. Herbert

November 21, 2005

Although I have maintained a policy of withholding comment while resolutions discussed at last week's campus-wide Bloomington Faculty Council meeting are under consideration, I want to express my appreciation for the many expressions of support I have received from my faculty and staff colleagues and from the IU family as a whole.

I am particularly pleased that the focus of the public conversation is shifting to an examination of the university's accomplishments over the two years. I am convinced that this continuing record of institutional advancement is one about which the IU family as a whole and the Bloomington campus community, in particular, can be very proud.

The higher education community is one which must by definition embrace a wide array of opinions and perspectives. These discussions are reflective of an enduring commitment to broad-based dialogue and debate. We all have the best interests of IU at heart and are working to make this an institution of even greater distinction.