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Last modified: Thursday, February 2, 2006

IU releases spring 2005-06 enrollment figures

Feb. 2, 2006

BLOOMINGTON, Ind.-- Enrollment at Indiana University's eight campuses for the 2005-06 spring semester is 92,619, down slightly from last spring's by 297 students, a decrease of 0.3 percent. Total credit hour enrollment among IU campuses, however, is up at 1,045,137.5, an increase of 5,911 credit hours or 0.6 percent. Two campuses -- IUPUI and IPFW -- set spring records for credit hour enrollment.

Among individual campuses, IU Bloomington and IUPUI show increased enrollment and credit hours from spring 2004-05. IU Bloomington's current spring enrollment is 36,200, up from 35,694 last year, an increase of 506 students or 1.4 percent. Bloomington's credit hour total is 473,301 this spring, up from 468.632.5 last spring, an increase of 1 percent.

IUPUI's enrollment this spring is 28,193 compared to last spring's 28,139, an increase of 54 students or 0.2 percent, and the campus set a spring credit hour record with 298,704.5, up from last spring's 295,284, an increase of 3,420.5 or 1.2 percent.

While enrollment at IPFW for IU programs is down slightly this spring, it has set a record for spring credit hours with 60,991, up from last spring's 58,580, an increase of 2,411 or 4.1 percent. Student enrollment at IPFW this spring is 6,074, down slightly from last spring's 6,097, a decrease of 23 students or 0.4 percent.

Credit hours at IU Kokomo also are up. While enrollment there this spring is 2,751, down 28 students or 1 percent, credit hours are 26,695, up from last spring's 26,369, an increase of 326 hours or 1.2 percent.

Enrollment and credit hour counts declined at other IU campuses for the spring semester. Totals at those campuses are as follows:

IU East enrollment is 2,224, and credit hours are 22,294.5.

IU Northwest enrollment is 4,736, and credit hours are 44,685.

IU South Bend enrollment is 6,771, and credit hours are 63,498.

IU Southeast enrollment is 5,670, and credit hours are 54,968.5.

These figures reflect the general trend at universities for smaller spring enrollments. Spring and summer enrollment numbers primarily are kept for internal management purposes. However, for consistent representation, universities typically report fall enrollments as the official count for the entire year.