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Barbara Coffman
IU Foundation

Last modified: Wednesday, February 22, 2006

IU second in Big Ten, ninth in nation in private-sector support

Feb. 22, 2006

EDITORS: This release is a corrected version of one sent earlier this morning. A chart follows this release.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Indiana University ranks second in the Big Ten, second among all public universities, and ninth among all colleges and universities in the nation in the amount of support it receives from the private sector.

IU has ranked in the top 20 among all colleges and universities for 14 of the past 16 years. This is the second time that IU has ranked in the top ten.

IU received $301 million in private-sector support in fiscal 2005, the year on which the rankings are based. The Council for Aid to Education compiles the annual survey, which this year included 1,005 institutions of higher education. Giving to colleges and universities grew 1.6 percent, adjusted for inflation, in 2005.

"I am very proud that IU is once again ranked among the top 10 universities in America in the private-sector financial support it receives. This is a clear reflection of the respect and affection our friends and alumni have for this special institution," said IU President Adam W. Herbert. "We are deeply grateful for our donors' commitment to assist the university in attaining even higher levels of distinction. IU faculty and staff have worked very hard to attract this exceptional level of support. It will enable us to advance further the frontiers of knowledge, provide IU students with the best education possible, and discover new ways to solve the problems that make life difficult for so many of our fellow citizens."

The record $301 million includes $150.8 million in gifts through the IU Foundation, the third-highest giving total in IU's history; a record-breaking $123.9 million in non-governmental research grants; and a record $26.3 million in gifts through Riley Children's Foundation.

"Donors know that their gifts, in the right hands -- in IU's hands -- can open up a world of possibilities to students and improve the quality of our lives," said Curt Simic, president of the IU Foundation. "I credit not only our generous friends but also the deans, development officers and faculty who make IU's greatness come alive in the minds and imaginations of our donors."

Non-governmental research grants set a record for the third year in a row. "This is a testament to the work of IU's faculty, whose reputation for excellence is attracting support at record levels," said Michael McRobbie, interim provost and vice president for academic affairs, IU Bloomington.

Riley is one of the IU hospitals and a partner with the IU School of Medicine. "Riley Children's Foundation is privileged to represent to donors the opportunities to advance world-class research, facilities and clinical care at Riley for the benefit of Indiana children and children throughout the world," said Kevin O'Keefe, president and chief executive officer of Riley Children's Foundation.

Top Fund Raisers, 2004-05

1. Stanford University, $603,585,914
2. University of Wisconsin at Madison, $595,215,891
3. Harvard University, $589,861,000
4. University of Pennsylvania, $394,249,685
5. Cornell University, $353,931,403
6. Columbia University, $341,140,986
7. University of Southern California, $331,754,481
8. Johns Hopkins University, $323,100,408
9. Indiana University, $301,060,946
10. University of California at San Francisco, $292,932,382
11. Yale University, $285,706,955
12. University of California at Los Angeles, $281,552,472
13. Duke University, $275,815,542
14. University of Minnesota, $265,498,507
15. University of Washington, $259,118,639
16. University of Michigan, $251,353,272
17. New York University, $247,126,717
18. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, $206,007,428
19. Ohio State University, $204,598,172
20. University of California at Berkeley, $198,863,654

SOURCE: Council for Aid to Education