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James Tinney

Last modified: Friday, May 10, 2002

IU Bloomington makes progress on raising faculty salaries

Newly released data on faculty salaries at Indiana University Bloomington show that the university is improving its comparative ranking with its peer institutions in the Big Ten.

Figures compiled by the American Association of University Professors place IUB sixth among Big Ten institutions in average salary levels for full professors, associate professors and assistant professors. Those figures are adjusted to remove engineering faculty salaries because IUB does not have an engineering school.

In the 2000-01 academic year, IUB ranked seventh among Big Ten public institutions in salaries for full professors, eighth for associate professors and 10th for assistant professors. In response, the Board of Trustees last June approved a budget that called for an additional 0.5 percent increase in tuition to fund salary increases for high-performing faculty and for assistant professors, who are often promising younger scholars who have not yet earned tenure.

"This progress is most encouraging," said IU President Myles Brand. "Our university's academic reputation rests on the quality of its faculty. To provide our students with the best possible educational experience, we must retain our outstanding faculty. Paying competitive salaries is an important part of that effort."

This effort continues an initiative endorsed by the Trustees in Februrary 1998, when the board adopted a resolution stating the university's objective of moving average faculty salaries in all three ranks up to an average of fourth or higher in the Big Ten.

"The market for outstanding faculty members remains very competitive, and it will take a continued effort to achieve the goal established by the Trustees. But we are moving in the right direction," Brand said.

The 2001-02 AAUP figures showed that IUB full professors earned, on average, $94,200; associate professors, $64,000; and assistant professors, $55,300. The 2000-01 AAUP figures for IUB were full professors, $88,200; associate professors, $61,100; and assistant professors, $49,800.