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Last modified: Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Herbert names IUAA search committee

Aug. 29, 2006

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- President Adam W. Herbert announced today (Aug. 29) that he has formed a 13-member search committee to seek a replacement for IU Alumni Association President and Chief Executive Officer Ken Beckley, who is retiring at the end of January.

Herbert appointed Judith G. Palmer, IU vice president and chief financial officer, as chair of the committee. The committee will begin its work immediately, and Palmer hopes to have recommendations to Herbert by mid-November.

"We are extremely grateful to Ken Beckley for the vision and dedication he has brought to his role as president of the Indiana University Alumni Association. Ken has compiled an extraordinary record of accomplishment in the five years he has served in this key position," Herbert said. "IU has always enjoyed strong support and a remarkable level of loyalty from its alumni, but Ken found many ways to strengthen those ties. His service has set the bar high for his successor. We will look for a very special and talented person to succeed him. "

Palmer said the committee would conduct a thorough and comprehensive search to ensure that the best candidates are found.

"On behalf of the search committee, all of us are honored to have been selected to participate in this important process and decision," Palmer said. "The IU Alumni Association is an absolutely vital organization to our overall mission, and we will devote our full efforts to finding a person capable of continuing and building upon the success that we have enjoyed with Ken Beckley."

Palmer said the search committee welcomes and encourages public input and comments. Comments can be e-mailed to this address:, or mailed to: Indiana University, Judith G. Palmer, P.O. Box 1396, Bloomington, IN 47402.

A complete list of search committee members follows.

Search Committee for Indiana University Alumni Association (IUAA) President

1. Judith Palmer, Committee Chair, IU Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

2. Clarence Boone, IU Board of Trustees

3. Stefan Davis, IUAA Vice President, and Director, IUPUI Alumni Relations

4. Stan Fox, Chair, IUAA Board of Managers

5. Rick Greenspan, IU Athletics Director

6. Kristen King, President, IUB Student Alumni Association

7. Sara N. McNabb, Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant to the President, ex officio

8. Paul F. Nowak, IUK Vice Chancellor for External Relations

9. Frank Otte, IUAA Executive Council

10. Nancy Otte, President, IUAA Southwest Indiana Alumni Chapter

11. Alma Powell, Past Chair, IUAA Board of Managers

12. Curt Simic, President, IU Foundation

13. Peter Yoder, IUAA Vice President and Chief Financial Officer