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Rhonda Spencer

Last modified: Friday, September 15, 2006

SLIS, its dean and faculty earn top honors

Sept. 15, 2006

The Indiana University Bloomington School of Library and Information Science is receiving national recognition for its individuals and effectiveness as a program.

SLIS Dean Blaise Cronin will receive the American Society for Information Science and Technology's Award of Merit at its annual November meeting in Austin, Texas. The award is the society's highest honor, given annually to an individual who has made "a noteworthy contribution to the field of information science, including the expression of new ideas, the creation of new devices, the development of better techniques and outstanding service to the profession of information science."

Photo by: Chris Meyer

The Herman B Wells Library, home to IU Bloomington's lauded School of Library and Information Science

Print-Quality Photo

Cronin has also been listed with the late SLIS Professor Rob Kling as one of the most productive library and information science researchers nationally by an article to be published in Library & Information Science Research. The study was conducted by Denice Adkins and John Budd from the University of Missouri-Columbia. It is a continuation of similar studies published in 1996 and 2000. The latest study examines academic output between 1999 and 2004.

Adkins and Budd rank individuals as well as institutions based on the number of journal articles published and the number of citations to works published. Cronin was ranked third in journal articles and fifth in citations. Kling, who died in 2003 and is generally credited as having founded the field of social informatics, was listed as 10th in citations. Cronin and Kling were also highly ranked in the previous study.

SLIS was first in the country in terms of total productivity. The ranking is influenced by the frequency with which those publications are cited.

SLIS was ranked first in 2000 as well, and third in 1996.

Adkins' and Budd's study can be found in the autumn issue of Library & Information Science Research, published by Elsevier. The study can be accessed by going to with an individual or campus subscription. The study may also be procured through Elsevier.

To speak with Cronin, please contact Rhonda Spencer, SLIS, at 812-855-2666 or

"Scholarly productivity of U.S. LIS faculty," Library & Information Science Research vol. 28, iss. 3