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Last modified: Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Spring 2006-07 IU enrollment up at 92,895

Jan. 31, 2007

BLOOMINGTON, Ind.-- Enrollment at Indiana University's eight campuses for the 2006-07 spring semester is 92,895 students, an increase of 276, or 0.3 percent from last spring's total enrollment. Total credit hours taken at all IU campuses is up at 1,052,045, an increase of 6,908 hours or 0.7 percent.

Among individual campuses, IU Bloomington reported a record spring enrollment of 36,698 students, eclipsing the previous mark set in 2003-04, and 498 students or 1.4 percent above last spring's total. Total credit hours at Bloomington stood at 478,783, a 1.2 percent increase over last year.

The Bloomington campus also reported significant increases in minority and international students. The campus headcount includes 1,584 African Americans (1.0 percent above last spring's record number), 854 Hispanics (4.1 percent above last spring's record number), and 102 Native Americans (24 percent above last spring's record number). The campus' 3,318 international students are also a record high, surpassing the spring '04 record by 0.4 percent.

While undergraduate enrollment at IUPUI declined by 163 students from last spring, the campus set a record for credit hours, reflecting a trend toward heavier course loads. IUPUI's total spring semester credit hours of 301,396 is a 0.9 percent increase over last spring.

IUPUI's total enrollment, including graduate students, this spring is 28,037 compared to last spring's 28,193, a decrease of 156 students or 0.6 percent.

At IPFW in Fort Wayne, enrollment for IU programs is up slightly this spring at 6,117 students, or 43 (0.7 percent) more than last spring. The campus also set a record for spring credit hours with 61,696, an increase of 705 or 1.2 percent more than last year.

Enrollment, credit hours and change from last spring at other campuses were as follows:

IU East -- 2,193 students (-1.4 percent) and 21,240 credit hours (-4.7 percent)

IU Kokomo -- 2,635 students (-4.2 percent) and 25,479 credit hours (-4.6 percent)

IU Northwest -- 4,643 students (-2 percent) and 44,490 credit hours (-0.4 percent)

IU South Bend -- 6,752 students (-0.3 percent) and 62,859 credit hours (-1.0 percent)

IU Southeast -- 5,820 students ( 2.6 percent) and 56,101 credit hours ( 2.1 percent)

Note: These figures reflect the general trend at universities for smaller spring enrollments. Spring and summer enrollment numbers primarily are kept for internal management purposes. However, for consistent representation, universities typically report fall enrollments as the official count for the entire year.