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Front Page News at Indiana University

March 22, 2007

Front Page News at IU delivers top headlines of the day from the campuses of Indiana University. It comes to you courtesy of IU University Communications in the Office of University Relations.


WIYN telescope to get innovative billion-pixel, $6.6 million camera
The achievement gap in U.S. public schools
How the Web can affect lives half a world away
IU Bloomington Scoreboard


WIYN telescope to get innovative billion-pixel, $6.6 million camera -- The number of larger-aperture telescopes is growing, but size isn't all that matters in a research telescope. Also important is how much of the sky the telescope can clearly image. A telescope used by Indiana University astronomers and their colleagues at Kitt Peak National Observatory near Tucson, Ariz., is about midway through a major improvement -- the addition of a new kind of camera that will allow scientists to record the telescope's entire exceptionally wide field of view for the first time. Read the full story.

The achievement gap in U.S. public schools -- No child left behind — right? Wrong. While some groups of students have shown academic improvement in recent years, others still need to catch up. IU's Jonathan Plucker discusses the inequalities in American and weighs the strengths and weaknesses of programs such as full-day kindergarten and No Child Left Behind. This audio feature was produced from Plucker's lecture at last summer's Mini University. Listen to his comments or read the transcript.

How the Web can affect lives half a world away -- In December 2004, a major earthquake near the island nation of Indonesia launched a disastrous tsunami that swept throughout that country and virtually the entire Indian Ocean. Just over three months later, another major quake in the same locale caused more death and devastation in the islands of the world's fourth most populous country. And the ripples reached the halls of IUPUI's Informatics & Communications Technology Complex (ICTC) building and the IU School of Informatics, sweeping up a pair of soon-to-be-graduates in search of a capstone project that would complete their college careers with a flourish. Read the full story.


Indiana University Bloomington Scoreboard

Schedule for Thursday, March 22

Women's basketball -- The Indiana Hoosiers take on South Dakota State in the third round of the Women's National Invitation Tournament. The game will be played at 8 p.m. in Frost Arena in Brookings, S.D. Read Hoosier game notes.

Results for Wednesday, March 22 -- No varsity teams in action

More athletic news

A family's fortune -- The tennis program that coach Lin Loring has developed at Indiana University is truly one of the greatest dynasties the Big Ten has seen in its 25 years of women's athletics. When looking through its history, one can see how the program has evolved, but it is the growth of the Hoosier family that continues to raise the bar of tennis superiority. Indiana's tradition of excellence began in 1980 when the Hoosiers won their first of 15 conference titles over 19 seasons under Loring's training. This was before the NCAA even sponsored a championship for the sport. Read the full story.


IU in the News

IU aids state in health care strategy
Indianapolis Star, March 22 -- A team of experts from Indiana University will help the state come up with a long-term strategy to confront the growing cost of health care and possible changes to the way it is delivered in the state. The group will hold a series of public hearings in late spring or summer aimed at developing a single plan that tackles three problems: the rising costs of health care, uneven quality of care, and the growing numbers of Indiana residents with little or no insurance. "We want to build consensus around some policy options," Eric Wright, director of IU's Center for Health Policy, said in announcing the initiative Wednesday with Family and Social Services Administration Secretary Mitch Roob. Read the full story.

Workforce Connections: 'It's Just a Difference, Not a Disability'
BizVoice (IN), March/April 2007 -- The fight for social equality has taken many forms throughout U.S. history, including the women's suffrage and civil rights movements to name a few. Their outcomes and many others continue to echo throughout our daily lives. Perhaps nowhere more so than in the workplace, where federal laws ensure the same treatment and opportunities for all people...This article about the impact of ADA on the Indiana workforce features David Mank, director of the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community at Indiana University, Bloomington, as a panel expert. Read the full story.

Americans rate "F" in knowledge of religions
Asbury Park Press (NJ), March 22 -- Sometimes, dumb sounds cute: Sixty percent of Americans can't name five of the Ten Commandments, and 50 percent of high school seniors think Sodom and Gomorrah were married...This article focuses on the lack of common knowledge about religion, and quotes Philip Goff of the Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture at Indiana University in Indianapolis. "You're going to make assumptions about people out of ignorance, and they're going to make assumptions about you," he says. Read the complete story.

IU School of Medicine to participate in Parkinson's Disease trial
Inside Indiana Business, March 22 -- The Indiana University School of Medicine will be one of 51 sites in the United States and Canada studying whether a nutritional supplement can slow the progression of Parkinson's disease. Officials say they decided to conduct a large-scale clinical trial on creatine after researchers identified the potential benefit of the substance for Parkinson's through a new rapid method for screening potential compounds. Read the entire story.

A healthy choice: We say: New health clinic is a step in the right direction
Indiana Daily Student, March 22 -- As reported Monday, the university is planning to open a new health clinic akin to the IU Health Center that will provide "medical and dental care for graduate students, employees and their families." Kudos to President Adam Herbert, the GPSO, the GEO and everyone else involved in this substantial investment in IU's future. Read the full editorial.


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