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Last modified: Thursday, April 5, 2007

Mad Money Captions

Thanks to the hard work of Kelley School of Business students and faculty members, Jim Cramer and the crew of the investment show Mad Money came to IU Bloomington to film a show as part of their "Back to School" tour.

IU student Winston Kotzan helped bring the Mad Money show on campus.

IU junior Dan Rockenbach belts out his best "boo-yah" for the Mad Money production crew.

Kelley School of Business students at IUB line up for Mad Money tickets.

Mad Money host Jim Cramer acknowledges his IU fans during filming.

Jim Cramer autographs his book for students.

Assembly Hall is transformed into the Mad Money set.

IU Assistant Athletic Director Chuck Crabb waits in the wing to make announcements for the show.

Jim Cramer greets students as the show begins.

Jim Cramer (left) interviews IU alum and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.