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Front Page News

April 19, 2007

Front Page News at IU delivers top headlines of the day from the campuses of Indiana University. It comes to you courtesy of IU University Communications in the Office of University Relations.


President's Statement on Tragedy at Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Going the extra mile: Biracial families in the United States
IU Simon Cancer Center beneficiary of Susan G. Komen for the Cure Support
Singing Hoosiers embark on Greek tour; Trip to focus on cultural exchange
IU Kelley School of Business gets Big Ten bragging rights after case competition
Sustainability Task Force to address campus environmental and resource issues
Classical music for beginners
IU Bloomington Scoreboard


President's Statement on Tragedy at Virginia Polytechnic Institute -- "Today I sent a letter to Virginia Tech President Charles Steger on behalf of the entire Indiana University family. I did so because I know each of you would want to express your deepest condolences to those most directly affected by the senseless acts of violence in Blacksburg." Read the full letter.

Going the extra mile: Biracial families in the United States -- Biracial parents, compared to their monoracial counterparts, are more likely to go the extra mile in the amount of time and money they spend on their young children, according to a national study by sociologists at Indiana University and the University of Connecticut. Forty years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a state law in Virginia that prohibited whites from marrying non-whites. The ruling in Loving v. Virginia invalidated similar bans in 15 other states. Study author Brian Powell, a sociology professor at Indiana University Bloomington, said the number of biracial couples has more than tripled since 1970 yet many couples still face challenges, from disapproval or discomfort to outright prejudice. "They face challenges in being a couple," said Powell, who studies sociology of the family. "They're aware of the challenges their children will be facing. In turn, they try to compensate for this." Read the complete story.

IU Simon Cancer Center beneficiary of Susan G. Komen for the Cure Support -- A unique tissue bank at the Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center has received a $1 million boost from the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Research Grants and Awards Program.The funding supports the expansion of a local tissue bank into a national respository for tissue from women without breast cancer. It is made available to scientists who are seeking to identify risk factors and biomarkers by comparing normal and cancerous tissue. "I am thrilled that the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization has earmarked $1 million to expand Mary Ellen's Tissue Bank into a national resource," said bank director Anna Maria Storniolo, M.D., director of the Catherine Peachey Breast Cancer Prevention Program at the IU Simon Cancer Center and a professor of medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine. "Their support is the first step in enabling the tissue bank and its corresponding annotation database to become a nationwide resource for breast cancer researchers. This is not only great news for our cancer center and the School of Medicine, but also, and most importantly, for the field of breast cancer research and treatment." Read the full story.

Singing Hoosiers embark on Greek tour; Trip to focus on cultural exchange -- The Singing Hoosiers, a premier collegiate concert show choir from Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music, will close its 2006-2007 season by traveling to Greece for a 10-day, four-concert tour that promises to provide the choir and its Greek audiences a rare opportunity for cultural exchange. Michael Schwarzkopf, director of the Singing Hoosiers since 1995, said the idea for the trip was initiated by Vasiliki Tsouva, a doctoral choral student from Greece, who was certain that the choir would be wildly popular if it were to travel there. Her hometown of Trikala, in the center of Greece, invited the Singing Hoosiers to spend two all-expenses-paid days there, during which they will present two concerts. "As part of our experience, we've been invited to sing in Greek and will be accompanied by Greek musicians on traditional instruments," Tsouva said. Read the full story.

IU Kelley School of Business gets Big Ten bragging rights after case competition -- A team of first-year Master of Business Administration students at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business won first-place team honors in the 2007 Big Ten MBA Case Competition this past weekend (April 13-14), and one of its members took individual honors. Keith Gelarden Dayton, a lecturer in the management department and MBA core coordinator in the school's Leadership Development Institute, coached the IU team, which consisted of Abhi Nadgir, Bhavin Shah, John Donald Walter and Manish Mathur. Nadgir also was the individual winner in the category of best final-round presenter. Read the complete story.

Sustainability Task Force to address campus environmental and resource issues -- Indiana University has created a Sustainability Task Force for the IU Bloomington campus. The 15-person task force, appointed by Vice President Terry Clapacs, aims to develop by fall 2007 a framework for campus sustainability. "The issue of sustainability is becoming more important everywhere," said task force co-chair Paul Sullivan, deputy vice president for administration. "On campus it is a becoming an issue to be considered in many administrative activities, from physical plant activities to purchasing, construction and transport. We felt it was important to involve faculty, staff and students in developing a framework to help deal with these issues." Read the full story.

Classical music for beginners -- Even though Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music offers 1,500 free concerts in a given year, a surprising number of beginners to classical music, students especially, are still intimidated by classical music and how they can begin to appreciate it. Connie Glen, lecturer and coordinator of the music in general studies program at the IU Jacobs School of Music, said students are not always aware of the opportunities they have to experience classical music at IU. "Once you get into the concert, you're sold," she said. "The intimidation is only of unknowing." The Jacobs School of Music offers several concerts daily throughout April. Glen's first piece of advice to beginners is to choose a concert that seems interesting and to research the genre or the instrument to be played before attending the performance. "Don't put yourself in a situation beforehand," she said. "If you don't like trombones, don't go to a trombone solo." Read the complete story.


Indiana University Bloomington Scoreboard

Results from Wednesday, April 18:

Softball -- Sophomore Monica Wright pitched a six-hit shutout for the Hoosiers, and junior battery mate Tory Yamaguchi gave her all the offense she would need with a two-run home run as Indiana picked up a 2-0 win over in-state rival Evansville on Wednesday, April 18, at Cooper Stadium. Read the full story.

Schedule for Thursday, April 19, 2007:

No varsity teams in action.


IU in the News

Public offering could make CEO rich
Indianapolis Star, April 19 -- Rock star finance professors? Indiana University's Randall Heron and the University of Iowa's Erik Lie are as close as it gets. Their research about backdating stock options was behind The Wall Street Journal's reporting that won a Pulitzer Prize this week. Read the complete story.

Fix high school issues during pre-teen years
Louisville Journal & Courier, April 19 -- In this opinion editorial, IU Center for Evaluation and Education Policy director Jonathan Plucker urges policy makers to devote more attention and resources to middle school. "The problems of American high schools are well-known: Low graduation rates, mediocre test scores, huge achievement gaps. For example, on international tests, American elementary school students score among the best in the world; middle schoolers perform slightly above average; high school performance is mediocre. On national tests, the pattern is the same, with average performance dropping and achievement gaps growing as students move through the K-12 system." Read the complete editorial.

Gardasil Cervical Cancer Vaccine 99-100% Effective After Three Years: Presented at AACR
DGDispatch, April 18 -- Three years after treatment with the quadrivalent human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil, one woman out of 5,305 who received the vaccine may have become infected with virus that causes cervical cancer, researchers said here at the centennial meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) annual meeting. "That is an interesting case because the infection with [HPV] type 16 was only detected once in four tests, while type 52, another strain linked to cervical cancer, was seen in all four tests," said Darran Brown, MD, professor of medicine, microbiology and immunology, Indiana University School of Medicine. Read the complete story.

International Relations:Pointers help international faculty bridge cultural divide separating them and American students
Chemical & Engineering News, April 16 -- The behavior of American college students can puzzle a professor born in the U.S., but the likelihood of misunderstanding is even greater for a professor from another country. More and more U.S. institutions are hiring international faculty, but few books or articles are available to help guide these professors in their new country, according to Songwen Xie, a chemistry professor at Indiana University's campus in Kokomo. During the American Chemical Society's national meeting in Chicago last month, Xie offered tips she had picked up during her years as a teaching assistant and professor in the U.S. Xie made her remarks before the Division of Chemical Education. Read the full story.


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