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Last modified: Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Advance praise for "The Entrepreneurial Society"

"The Entrepreneurial Society is a guided tour of economic opportunity by a man who knows equally well the languages of businesses and universities, Europe and the United States, history and politics, Bob Dylan and the literature of technical economics. David Audretsch has something interesting to say about all of it."--David Warsh, author, Knowledge and the Wealth Of Nations: A Story of Economic Discovery and editor,

"Dave Audretsch understands entrepreneurship. In The Entrepreneurial Society he rationalizes the history, causes and significance of entrepreneurship as the current driving force behind America's successful return to global financial leadership. He also outlines the threats we face from abroad, again, if we fail to recognize the world is reshaping itself to compete on our knowledge turf. Once only a punchline to describe the maverick behavior of Silicon Valley, Audretsch has brought entrepreneurship permanently into the shared spotlight of academic research, public policy and, most importantly, global corporate strategy. His book is a first."--Jack Harding, President and CEO, eSilicon Corporation

"With insight and clarity, Audretsch describes the sweeping transformation of the American economy over the past two decades. Adroitly weaving together social, economic, and cultural changes, he chronicles the demise of the bureaucratic 'managed' economy. The dawn of the entrepreneurial society' in its place carries far-reaching consequences, and Audretsch's book serves as an important guide to exploring them."--Carl J. Schramm, President and CEO, The Kauffman Foundation

"With one foot in Germany and the other in the U.S., Audretsch is in a unique position to show what does and does not make an economy tick. Appearing in an era when India, Brazil, China and Russia loom, this book is mandatory reading for scholars of U.S. competitiveness and Eurosclerosis both. Listen to Audretsch."--Amity Shlaes, Syndicated Columnist, Bloomberg

"In The Entrepreneurial Society , Audretsch makes a valuable contribution to understanding contemporary America by charting the rise of entrepreneurship as the critical force in driving American economic preeminence. He contributes to our economic future by outlining what American policy makers and average citizens must do to continue to stoke this force." --Randall Kempner, Vice President, Regional Innovation, Council on Competitiveness

"The Industrial Society of the 1950s and 60s is over. In its place is emerging a new Entrepreneurial Society and culture. How can business adapt? Which countries and regions will win and lose? What does it mean for you? David Audretsch provides the answers in this important book." --Richard Florida, author, Rise of the Creative Class