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Last modified: Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Selected library strengths across individual CIC university libraries

NOTE: Still need overall description of CIC libraries and their holdings along with a few compelling examples from within these collections. Mark Sandler will provide.

Chicago -- South Asia; business and economics; astronomy and physics; Western traditions in religion; ancient Near East; history of science and medicine; jazz.

Illinois-Urbana/Champaign -- Slavic and Eastern European history, literature and science; Lincoln and his times; Children's books; American humor.

Illinois-Chicago -- Medicine (with special strengths in breast cancer, neurology and dermatology), public health and pharmacology; Native American literature; history, literature and culture of Chicago.

Indiana -- Folklore; Central Eurasian (e.g., Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Mongolia) history, literature and culture; Music.

Iowa -- American and British theater; film studies, including Japanese cinema; culinary arts; science fiction.

Michigan -- East Asia (China and Japan); dentistry; Papyrology, Egyptology, and ancient Near East; Southeast Asia (Philippines); South Slavic history, literature and travel.

Michigan State -- Agriculture, with emphasis on veterinary medicine and turfgrass; American popular culture, including comic arts; Canadiana.

Minnesota -- Scandinavian history, literature and culture; forestry; bee-keeping; medicine, including oncology, radiology and pediatrics.

Northwestern -- Africana; transportation and transportation history; journalism.

Ohio State -- Psychology; education; linguistics; American literature.

Penn State -- Mycology and mushroom production; materials science and ceramics; chocolate/cocoa; utopias and communal studies; history of photography.

Purdue -- Engineering; chemistry; hospitality and tourism; Amelia Earhart collection.

Wisconsin -- Dairy Science; food sciences (dairy, cranberries, oats, potatoes); European history and social science; Southeast Asia (Indonesia); primates.