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Last modified: Friday, July 6, 2007

Hoagy sculpture captions

A life-size sculpture of Hoagy Carmichael was unveiled during the Indy Jazz Fest recently in Indianapolis. A statewide tour of the sculpture will also feature events celebrating Carmichael's contribution to American music.

The sculptor Michael McAuley is a native of Bloomington and an alumnus of Indiana University. The sculpture will eventually rest on or near the IU Bloomington campus in proximity to the haunts that served as inspiration to the prolific songwriter.

A new historical marker, situated outside Buffa Louie's restaurant, recounts the highlights of Hoagy's career. The eatery was once the site of the Book Nook where Carmichael penned, in part, his beloved tune, "Stardust."

Sculptor Michael McAuley poses with his work in progress.

Randy Carmichael, son of the legendary Hoosier pianist Hoagy Carmichael, sits down to get a closer look at a life-size sculpture of his father unveiled during the Indy Jazz Fest.

Randy Carmichael (left), Dean Emeritus Charles Webb from the IU Jacobs School of Music and sculptor Michael McAuley gather around McAuley's sculpture of Hoagy Carmichael.

Live music enthusiasts arrive at Indy Jazz Fest and walk past the sculpture of Hoagy.