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Last modified: Monday, August 20, 2007

New School of Education Web site MP3 files

Media Outlets: the following comments are available as mp3 files on the IU School of Education Website at Look for the story headline under "Podcasts."

Brown describes how the CIS helps students determine career interests:

"It leads you down a path of exploring careers that can be matched to your interest as determined by that tool. So students can register, and then they can give their guidance counselors access to that. They can give their parents access to what they do. They start a portfolio of the kinds of careers they might be interested in. Then it also provides programs of study that would lead to those careers, what institutions have those programs of study. It's really a tool to get students engaged in thinking about careers that match their interests."

Brown says the CIS addresses an important need—getting students engaged in learning:

"There are lots and lots of data that show that the earlier kids start thinking about careers and planning for a career that they're passionate about, the less they smoke, the less they do drugs, the less they get pregnant before they graduate, the longer they stay in high school, the more likely they are to go to college -- all the kind of things we want to promote through the P-16 Center."

Dever says the system does more than just list job possibilities.

" that avenue, connect them to colleges, salary information, cost of living information. It's a whole-picture kind of experience. And the neat thing about it is we can get kids early, starting to think about what it is they're going to need to do in order to do the types of things with their lives that they'd like to do."

Dever describes how any Indiana resident can get starts on the CIS:

"You can log on using 'Option 2,' which permits you to choose your city or zip code and your area code, and you have full access to the site at that time. You can create a personal folder by clicking on 'My CIS' which is the upper right corner of the screen, and create your own user name and password, and save your work, and it allows you to come back. But Indiana residents have the ability to use the full range of tools in the system."