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Doug Bodde

Last modified: Monday, November 5, 2007

IURTC licenses iOffice 2.0 to University of Cincinnati's International Services

November 5, 2007

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- The Indiana University Research and Technology Corp. has agreed to license iOffice 2.0 to University of Cincinnati International Services. iOffice is software that helps academies manage international student and scholar data. The program package was developed by Jason Baumgartner in IU's Office of International Services.

"In today's immigration climate, even the most inadvertent oversight on the part of an international student or scholar can result in devastating consequences for their studies, teaching, or research," said Christopher Viers, associate vice president for IU International Services. "iOffice provides a comprehensive immigration case management solution enabling our staff to proactively assist our students and scholars in maintaining a lawful stay without interruption. It's a state-of-the art solution which is quickly gaining national recognition among our colleagues in international education and exchange. We look forward to this new relationship with the University of Cincinnati, and working collaboratively with them in further enhancing the product."

IU International Services manages more than 6,000 international students and scholars throughout the IU system. Baumgartner developed iOffice to help university staff manage institutional and federal compliance requirements as they relate to international students and researchers. The program interfaces with the federal SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) database, an international student and scholar immigration monitoring system. iOffice ensures data integrity with the federal system by directly embedding the SEVIS Web environment along with full support of SEVIS batch transactions.

iOffice has a unique "alerts engine" that uses information-visualization to graphically inform case managers of noncompliant situations. Under-enrollment, change of major, and student employment all require constant monitoring and reporting.

The University of Cincinnati will fully implement iOffice for its 3,000 international students and scholars over the current quarter.

"iOffice is the most dynamic international software product I have seen," said Ron Cushing, director of UC international services. "iOffice is going to help us to streamline our SEVIS compliance efforts as well as help us implement a comprehensive immigration office solution for our non-SEVIS international populations. We are looking forward to working with IU on enhancing the product for use by other customers and we can't wait to get iOffice up and running at UC."

IU and the IURTC continue to lead in developing and licensing programs for higher education. IUware Online, for software distribution, and Get Connected (Residential Network Security) are also IT programs available for license by outside universities.

"IURTC is privileged to provide access to the unique software products developed at Indiana University," said Jack Pincus, vice president of technology transfer for IURTC. "The Technology Transfer Office of IURTC is pleased that the University of Cincinnati has chosen this exciting software available through our office."

For further information about licensing iOffice 2.0 contact Doug Bodde at 812-855-1608 or