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Last modified: Friday, December 6, 2002

University concludes investigation

At least two Indiana University students will be subject to disciplinary proceedings through the Bloomington campus judicial system for their alleged actions related to an October campus incident involving a California adult film company.

The IU Police Department, working in conjunction with Bloomington police, investigated on-campus and off-campus for any incidents involving the company. Results were provided to the Monroe County prosecutor, who determined there were no criminal violations to pursue.

The investigation found that film company personnel visited the studios of WIUS, a student-run radio station, on Oct. 3 and were told to leave when they engaged in inappropriate behavior. It also confirmed that, later that day, the film company was in a campus dormitory. An IU employee, alerted to a disturbance by another employee, went to the dormitory floor and told the individuals, who identified themselves as film students from California, to leave. He filed a report with the university police the same day; however, the individuals were no longer on campus. No other such reports were made to police.

"These were deplorable actions by a company intent on exploiting the university and our students. These are sexual predators whose behavior violates all basic principles of common decency," said Bloomington Chancellor Sharon Stephens Brehm.

The investigation also indicated that the initial staff response to reports of inappropriate behavior in the dorm may not have been as timely as the situation warranted. Moreover, initial communication about the nature of the incident may not have been adequate. Housing supervisors will further review the staff actions of Oct. 3, and further training will be provided to resident managers and resident assistants. University officials are also re-examining their communications procedures to ensure prompt and full reports of incidents involving inappropriate behavior on campus.

"We have conducted a fair and thorough investigation," Brehm said. "With the scope of the rumors and innuendo that followed this incident, it was important that we determined the facts so that we can assess whether there are ways to improve our policies and procedures to avoid similar events. We also needed to determine if any student disciplinary proceedings were warranted."

According to student housing contracts, residents are responsible for individuals they bring into the dormitory. The university's code of conduct prohibits lewd, indecent and obscene conduct on university property. A student who allegedly allowed the adult film group to enter a dormitory and another student who is alleged to have participated in a sex act with members of the group in a public area of the dormitory will be subject to disciplinary proceedings.

"We'll follow our prescribed disciplinary procedures with these students," said Richard McKaig, IU dean of students. "Our system is designed to provide students with guarantees of due process and fairness. Penalties could range from reprimand to expulsion."

"The results of this investigation tell us that we all need to be more vigilant," Brehm said. "Each and every one of us is responsible for keeping this campus safe and for safeguarding the reputation of the university. Reports of inappropriate behavior should elicit prompt and thorough investigation by university employees; campus officials should be notified quickly and be given specific information about any such incidents."

The university will reopen the investigation if it learns of additional information. IU will fully pursue any case of copyright infringement or trademark licensing violations by the film company.