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Clarian Health Partners

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Last modified: Friday, January 31, 2003

Clarian Health Partners joins in MPRI partnership

INDIANAPOLIS -- Clarian Health Partners and Indiana University's Midwest Proton Radiotherapy Institute (MPRI) are initiating a partnership that will lead to more effective treatment of cancer patients using cutting-edge technology available at MPRI, the only such facility in the Midwest.

Clarian Health Partners and the Advanced Research and Technology Institute (ARTI), an affiliate of Indiana University, announced today (Jan. 31) that Clarian is in the process of acquiring a 50 percent interest in MPRI. Specifics of the partnership will be available soon.

MPRI will be one of only three facilities in the country that provides proton radiotherapy. Clarian's partnership and expertise will allow MPRI to broaden its services to treat more patients from around the region.

"Clarian Health's investment in MPRI allows us to take a step forward for better health care in a more efficient and expeditious manner," said ARTI President and CEO Mark Long. "We are grateful Clarian Health has decided to join us in this partnership. We'll be able to treat more patients, treat more types of cancer and treat them better."

"We are very excited to again partner with Indiana University. Like us, IU is committed to bringing excellence to the people of Indiana," said Daniel F. Evans Jr., chief executive officer and president, Clarian Health Partners.

"This partnership allows Clarian to ensure that patients throughout Indiana and the region have access to the very best in technology and patient care. We are thrilled to be involved in the Midwest Proton Radiotherapy Institute, and we look forward to finding new ways to build partnerships that enhance patient care and technology throughout the state of Indiana," Evans said.

Clarian's $13 million investment will allow for the purchase of two additional gantries, equipment that broadens the treatments MPRI can provide. MPRI is already equipped to treat head and neck tumors; the new gantries will give MPRI doctors the ability also to treat prostate and colon cancers by allowing the technicians to direct the proton beam to harder-to-reach parts of the body.

The institute receives proton beam from the Indiana University Cylcotron Facility, located on the IU Bloomington campus, which has operated accelerators for more than 25 years. MPRI is scheduled to open its doors to patients this spring, and will receive patients from around the region.

Proton radiotherapy is a safer and more effective alternative to conventional X-ray radiation therapy, both of which are used to kill cancer cells and other rogue tissue.

Proton therapy uses a beam of high energy protons to destroy cancerous cells and other dangerous growths in patients. The proton beam delivers most of its energy directly to the cancerous cells, leaving healthy tissues around the growth in better condition than conventional radiation therapy.


ARTI is a private, not-for-profit agent for IU, charged with increasing the university's collaboration with the private sector.

Clarian Health Partners, comprised of Methodist Hospital, Indiana University Hospital and Riley Hospital for Children, is an Indiana-based, private, non-profit organization, offering a broad base of tertiary services, specialized pediatric care and a Level 1 trauma center. Clarian is Indiana's largest, most comprehensive health center and is one of the busiest hospital systems in the nation. Clarian Health's mission is to improve the health of patients and the community through innovation and excellence in care, education, research and service. To fulfill its mission, Clarian uses the combined resources of its sponsoring institutions and its continuing affiliation with the Indiana University School of Medicine, one of the nation's leading medical education and research centers.