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Last modified: Tuesday, February 26, 2008

IU again ranks in Top 20 nationally in private-sector support; 7th among public universities

Feb. 26, 2008

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Indiana University ranks fourth in the Big Ten, seventh among all public universities and 19th among all colleges and universities in the nation in the amount of support it receives from the private sector.

IU has ranked in the Top 20 among all colleges and universities, public and private, for 16 of the past 18 years.

IU received $278,553,274 in private-sector support in fiscal year 2007, the year on which the rankings are based, which was an increase of $31 million from a year earlier. The Council for Aid to Education compiles the annual survey, which this year included 1,023 institutions of higher education.

IU's total includes $147.5 million in gifts through the IU Foundation, $107 million in non-governmental research grants, and $24 million in gifts through Riley Children's Foundation. Non-governmental research grants are awarded to faculty on a competitive basis by private-sector entities. Riley Children's Hospital is one of the IU hospitals and a partner with the IU School of Medicine.

"The big story for us was the 112,000 donors we had last year, which goes against the national trend reported in the council's report," said Curt Simic, president and chief executive officer of the IU Foundation. "Nationally, alumni giving declined by 1.5 percent, but at IU we not only saw an increase in the amount of gifts donated, but also saw more alumni step forward to support the university's mission of creating opportunities for students and improving the quality of our lives."

There were 112,195 donors in 2006-07. Of that number, 57,419 were alumni who gave $38.5 million of the $147.5 million in total gifts, or 26 percent. A year earlier, there were 106,735 donors overall, including 55,470 alumni who gave $37.6 million of the $110.7 million in total gifts, or 34 percent. In spite of the increase in alumni donors and dollars, alumni dollars declined as a percentage of total private gifts due to several individual gifts of unusual size.

The number of alumni donors rose by 3.5 percent and the percentage increase in alumni dollars was 2.3 percent.

Overall private giving to IU amounted to just $80 million a decade ago.

Total Voluntary Support Top 20
(As of June 30, 2007, listed in millions)

Public universities are listed in bold; Big Ten universities in CAPS

1. Stanford University, $832.3
2. Harvard University, $613.9
3. University of Southern California, $469.6
4. Johns Hopkins University, $430.4
5. Columbia University, $423.8
6. Cornell University, $406.9
7. University of Pennsylvania, $392.4
8. Yale University, $391.3
9. Duke University, $372.3
10. University of California, Los Angeles, $364.8
11. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, $329.1
12. University of Chicago, $328.3
14. University of Washington, $300.2
17. New York University, $287.6
18. University of Virginia, $282.6
20. University of California, San Francisco, $251.9

Compiled by the Council for Aid to Education.