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Last modified: Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chinese Ambassador discusses global issues with Kelley audience

China's ambassador to the United States, Zhou Wenzhong, spoke in Indianapolis recently on the topic, "China's Development and U.S.-China Relations".

Zhou Wenzhong and Dan Smith

Kelley School Dean Dan Smith (left) with Zhou Wenzhong, China's ambassador to the United States

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"Indiana has a lot to do with China," Zhou told an audience of about 200 when he spoke at IUPUI on February 22 as a guest of the Kelley School of Business and the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER). "We owe our progress to statesmen from Indiana and the people they represent." Zhou spoke about his nation's efforts in the area of peaceful and sustainable development in both China and around the globe. He also touched on the topic of Sino-American relations."

Our relationship on the whole is moving forward," said Zhou, "(but) there are complicated factors that shouldn't be overlooked. There (have been) about 50 China-related trade protection bills introduced in the U.S. Congress (recently). These issues need to be handled or else they'll hurt both China and the U.S."

During his visit to Indianapolis, Zhou was scheduled to meet with Gov. Mitch Daniels; Marjorie Lyles, the OneAmerica Chair in Business Administration in the Kelley School; and Joe Xu, director of IUPUI Confucius Center. He also had lunch with dignitaries from Cummins, Indiana state government and IU, including President Michael McRobbie and IUPUI Chancellor Charles Bantz.