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Last modified: Friday, March 28, 2008

Blackness in Latin America and the Caribbean

Dogwood Room
Indiana Memorial Union
900 E. Seventh St., Bloomington, Ind.

Friday, April 4, 2008

9-9:30 a.m. -- Continental Breakfast

9:30-10 a.m. -- Welcoming Remarks

Jeff Gould, Director of the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Rudy Professor of History, IU-Bloomington

10-11:45 a.m. -- Cultivating the Field: Historiography & Pedagogy

Gina Sánchez Gibau, IUPUI, Chair

Michelle Stephens, Colgate University, "Radical Histories of Diaspora: Latin American Interventions and New Figures of Blackness"

Lessie Jo Frazier, IU-Bloomington, "Race, Violence, Agency: Facing Pedagogical Challenges Using Transnational Feminist Theory"

Soraya Aracena, Colectivo Videoteca Chango Prieto and Sub-Secretaría de Estado de Cultura en el área de Turismo Cultural (Dominican Republic), "El estado actual de los estudios sobre la diversidad cultural en la República Dominicana"

Lunch (on your own)

1-2:45 p.m. -- Aural Arguments: Staking Claims through Music

Javier León, IU Bloomington, Chair

Robin Moore, The University of Texas at Austin, "Pedro Izquierdo and Afro-Cuban Folklore in Revolutionary Cuba"

Javier León, IU Bloomington, "Copyrighting the Cajón: Afroperuvian Music, Cultural Policy and the State"

Alejandro Madrid, University of Illinois at Chicago, "Spiritual Singing and Transnational Identity among the Mascogos."

Micol Seigel, IU Bloomington, "Playing Politics: Brazilian National Identity in the Jazz Age"

3-4:45 p.m. -- Bodies & Spirits: Engagement Material and Ethereal

Ellen Wu, IU Bloomington, Chair

Stephen Selka, IU Bloomington, "Rural Women and Urban Men: The Varieties of Black Politics in Brazil"

Jennifer Thorington Springer, IUPUI, "Crime, Punishment, and Retribution: The Politics of Sisterhood in Marie-Elena John's Unburnable"

Sonia Beatriz dos Santos, The University of Texas at Austin, "Brazilian Black Women's NGOs and Their Activism in Black Women's Health: Experiences, Resistance, and Politics"

Vivian Halloran, IU Bloomington, "Pitching Racism as a North American Problem: Edgardo Rodriguez Julia's Los peloteros"

5 p.m. -- Keynote

Thomas Holt, The University of Chicago, "'Blood Work': the Fables of Identity, Science, and Race Mixture" (Introduced by Jason McGraw)

6:30 p.m. -- Reception

8 p.m. -- African American Dance Company Annual Spring Concert

Iris Rosa, IU Bloomington, Director
Buskirk-Chumley Theatre
114 E. Kirkwood Ave., Bloomington, Ind.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

9-10:45 a.m. -- State Projections: The Uses of Blackness

Yeidy Rivero, IU Bloomington, Chair

Shane Greene, IU Bloomington, "On the Logics of Loss, Retention, and Recuperation in Latin America's Turn to Afro-Indigenous Multiculturalisms"

Luis González, IU Bloomington, "The Abolition of Slavery (May 13th) in Brazilian Social Memory"

Jean Rahier, Florida International University, "Football and the (Tri-)Color of the Ecuadorian Nation: The (Dis-)Continuities of Black Otherness from Monocultural Mestizaje to Multiculturalism"

Jason McGraw, IU Bloomington, "What Race War Looks Like: The Political Uses of Armed Insurgency and Blackness in Republican Colombia"

11 a.m.-1 p.m. -- The Arts of Racialization and Resistance

Lorraine Leu, University of Bristol (UK), Chair

John McDowell, IU Bloomington, "'Soy el Negro de la Costa': Visions of Blackness on Mexico's Costa Chica"

Maritza Quinones-Rivera, IU Bloomington, "'Sincopada': Black Puerto Rican Women Voices Synchronizing: Gender, Race and the Puerto Rican Nation"

Alejandro Mejías-López, IU Bloomington, "Carmen's Offsprings: the Hispanic Atlantic and the Racialization of Modernity"

Petrine Archer-Straw, Cornell University, "Back to Black: Again"

Iris Rosa, IU Bloomington, "Text and Performance: Carving Out a Space for Afro Latina/o Artistic Expression"

Lunch (on your own)

2:30-4:15 p.m. -- Nation & Migration

Khalil Muhammad, IU Bloomington, Chair

Whitney Edwards, IUPUI/Howard University, "Carnival and Maroonage: An Examination of Narrative Tropes in Austin Clarke's The Meeting Point"

Marvin Sterling, IU Bloomington, "Searching for Self in the Global South: Japanese Literary Representations of Afro-Jamaican Blackness"

Emily Maguire, IU Bloomington, "Negrophilia, Cuban-Style: Race in Alejo Carpentier's Ecue-Yamba-O"

Stephen Berrey, IU Bloomington, "Spreading a Jim Crow View of the World: Latin America, Latinos, and Blackness in the Segregation Propaganda Campaign in 1950s and 60s Mississippi"

4:30 p.m. -- Keynote

Peter Wade, The University of Manchester (UK), "The State, Academia and Social Movements: Producing Concepts of Blackness in Colombia" (Introduced by Shane Greene)

This conference is made possible by the sponsorship of American Studies, the Diaspora Lecture Series, the College Arts and Humanities Institute, the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and the Office of the Vice Provost for Research