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Last modified: Friday, May 2, 2008

Trustees set room, board rates for IU Bloomington

May 2, 2008

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Indiana University Trustees today (May 2) approved a 6.92 percent increase for most room and board packages in IU Bloomington residence halls for 2008-09.

The increase covers the Enhanced Amenities (air-conditioned, two-bed room) and Meal Plan C rate, which is the most prevalent room and board rate in the campus housing system. The rate will go from $6,676 this year to $7,138 in the fall.

Pat Connor, executive director of Residential Programs and Services, said the housing rate increase is a result of increased operating and utility costs. Overall, the increase is a blend of a 4 percent increase in the room portion of the cost and an 11.8 percent increase in the board portion.

IU's rate is among the lowest among Big Ten universities, with only three schools in the conference charging less for room and board than IU this year. Connor said he anticipates the university will remain at that standing next year.

The increase for board includes a new cost for utility charges which are now passed through to RPS rather than being paid by the university general fund.

RPS has been directed to include utility charges in its expenditure budget. This commitment will be phased in over the next three years and is expected to amount to more than $7 million by fiscal year 2010.

After a review of the local rental market, coupled with the significant increase in rates for FY08, RPS has decided to hold rate levels in all apartment units for FY09 (the 2008-09 academic year). RPS will achieve this through cost saving measures that will offset increases in labor and necessary supplies.