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Last modified: Wednesday, October 1, 2008

12th annual IU vs. Purdue ‘battle for blood’ set for Oct. 6-Nov. 14

Oct. 1, 2008

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- The 12th annual IU vs. Purdue Blood Donor Challenge begins Oct. 6 and runs through Nov. 14. This blood battle helps save lives as the two universities engage in a friendly competition to encourage Indiana residents to donate blood.

IU/Purdue Blood Donor Challenge

Photo by: Ric Cradick

Linda and Bill Lynch and the "blood bucket"

"The outcome of this program is important to all Hoosiers," said Linda Lynch, honorary co-chairwoman for the 2008 Blood Donor Challenge, "I strongly encourage the people of Indiana to join in the challenge and give blood for IU."

Linda Lynch, wife of IU head football coach Bill Lynch, joins honorary co-chairwoman Arnette Tiller, wife of Purdue head football coach Joe Tiller, in heading up this challenge. Participants can donate blood in the name of their preferred university at blood donation sites across the state. The university with the most blood donations will be announced at the IU vs. Purdue game on Nov. 22 at Purdue and will receive the "blood bucket," a spin on the football rivalry's Old Oaken Bucket tradition.

Since the Blood Donor Challenge began in 1997 in the Indianapolis area, Purdue leads the series, 6-5, but IU has won for the last three years in a row. Last year, 8,296 donors donated blood in the challenge. Donors may go to any of 31 participating blood donor centers across the state. Donors are asked to identify the university for which they are donating blood.

A list of participating blood donor centers can be found at More information on the Blood Donor Challenge, including the history of the rivalry, can be found at

"A single donation can save the lives of up to three people," Linda Lynch said, "The IU vs. Purdue Blood Donor Challenge is a unique opportunity for IU to come together with Purdue and make a difference in the state of Indiana and its communities."

The Blood Donor Challenge is made possible through the collaboration of the IU Alumni Association, the Purdue Alumni Association, the Indiana Blood Center, the American Red Cross, Heartland Blood Center, Richmond Community Blood Center, Hoxworth Blood Center and the South Bend Medical Foundation.

The IU Alumni Association is dedicated to serving the university and its diverse alumni, students and friends. As one of the nation's largest alumni organizations, serving approximately 524,000 graduates worldwide, the IUAA provides many programs and services to its members, nonmember alumni and the university. For information, visit or call 800-824-3044.