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Last modified: Monday, May 12, 2003

Advanced Research and Technology Institute signs two new incubator tenants

The Indiana University Emerging Technologies Center, an Indianapolis incubator run by the Advanced Research & Technology Institute, has acquired a pair of new tenants. One of the businesses gives scientists vision; the other gives vision to scientists.

OptoSonics Inc., founded by Indiana University School of Medicine adjunct professor of radiology Robert Kruger, develops thermoacoustic imaging systems that can tell doctors crucial details about biological processes inside patients' bodies. The technique involves pulsing infrared laser light into tissue and recording the ultrasonic vibrations induced by those light pulses. OptoSonics engineers are currently developing technology for breast imaging and for studying cancer and cardiovascular disease in laboratory animals. The company holds six U.S. patents in the areas of photoacoustic and thermoacoustic imaging.

Sales Performance Partners LLC, led by President Susan Woods, provides broad business training and advice to scientists, researchers and others who want to know how best to sell their products. Woods' clients have included Bank One, Eli Lilly Inc. and United Feeds Inc. She is a former adjunct professor in IU's Kelley School of Business.

The Advanced Research & Technology Institute (ARTI), an IU affiliate, is a private, not-for-profit agent for IU, charged with increasing the university's collaboration with the private sector. The Indiana University Emerging Technologies Center assists entrepreneurs with business formation, development and maturation by providing facilities, amenities, support and networking opportunities.

For more information, contact ARTI President and CEO Mark Long at 317-278-1901 or or David Bricker at 812-856-9035 or