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Nathan Bower-Bir
IU Volunteers in Sustainability

Last modified: Thursday, April 9, 2009

'More Art, Less Trash' artistic outdoor recycling bins installed on campus

April 9, 2009

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- For the remainder of the spring semester, artistic recycling bins placed around the scenic Bloomington campus will encourage members of the Indiana University community to improve their recycling efforts. The "More Art, Less Trash" outdoor recycling initiative is led by IU's Volunteers in Sustainability (ViS), which seeks to use art to inspire students, faculty and staff to recycle.

More Art, Less Trash

Winning design by Corey McAninch, located outside Jordan Hall

Print-Quality Photo

The designs for the colorful bins were selected through a competition held by ViS. Bins from last year's "More Art, Less Trash" competition were repainted with new designs selected by a student and faculty panel, with the top design commanding a $100 prize for the artist. One additional bin will be decorated at the Green Day event being held in Dunn Meadow on Friday, April 17, from 3 p.m.-8 p.m.; students will cover the bin with their hand prints of paint.

Steve Akers, associate director of environmental operations for IU Residential Programs and Services, has been interested in seeing IU adopt an outdoor recycling program.

"The second annual 'More Art, Less Trash' contest provides outdoor recycling, collects materials that would have otherwise entered the waste stream, and promotes outdoor art created by IU students," he said.

Placed in high-traffic locations around campus, the recycling bins will collect plastic and aluminum. Recyclables collected in the bins will be emptied by Campus Division staff and deposited into the campus recycling system.

"Last year we saw incredible enthusiasm for the bins from all sides -- from students, faculty and staff," said Nathan Bower-Bir, coordinator of Vis. "This year we're very pleased with how the newly decorated bins turned out, and so we're glad to get them back on campus. And we are excited that after its second run, the contest has served another of its principal purposes -- we've been told that a plan for permanent outdoor recycling bins has been approved."

The award-winning designs include:

  • First Place: koi fish with waves inspired by Hokusai, created by Corey McAninch, junior, Studio Art/Art History major
  • Second Place: piles of the recycling logo representing trash building up in landfills, created by Hollis Austin, junior, Graphic Design major
  • Third Place: penguin holding the world, created by Maureen Muckinhaupt, HESA graduate student

This recycling project is supported by ViS, in coordination with the IU Bloomington Office of Sustainability, the Residence Halls Association, the University Architect's Office, the School of Fine Arts, and the Department of Physical Plant, Division of Building Services.