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IU agreement with AT&T, Kelley School of Business embraces mobility with BlackBerry smartphones
Informatics team finds simple rules that explain universal laws of written text
IU East chancellor to forgo installation ceremony, to focus on campus beautification
The Kinsey Institute 2009 Juried Art Show opens May 29
Regenstrief Institute is 'pace car' for coordination of medical care at Indy 500
Ready, set, robots: IU summer technology workshop for teens
New book offers lessons from India's 60-year history of fighting counterinsurgent movements
Student blogs, tweets, videos share out-of-classroom learning
School of Education researcher to assist China's efforts to improve English instruction
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IU agreement with AT&T, Kelley School of Business embraces mobility with BlackBerry smartphones -- Indiana University has announced a two-year pilot agreement with AT&T that will provide opportunities for business graduate students, faculty and staff to take advantage of the communications mobility provided by BlackBerry® smartphones. This is the first such agreement between AT&T and a university. The program, negotiated through University Information Technology Services at IU, will be launched on July 1 in partnership with IU's Kelley School of Business. Read the complete story.

Informatics team finds simple rules that explain universal laws of written text -- Two Indiana University School of Informatics professors have written a paper explaining a model they have developed that could lead to improved techniques for identifying key terms that capture the topics of a Web page. Professors Alessandro Flammini and Filippo Menczer, along with M. Ángeles Serrano from the University of Barcelona, have authored a paper explaining the model entitled "Modeling Statistical Properties of Written Text." Read the complete story.

IU East chancellor to forgo installation ceremony, to focus on campus beautification -- During a time when the resources of both the state and east central Indiana are constrained, Indiana University East Chancellor Nasser H. Paydar has decided to forgo a traditional chancellor installation ceremony. An installation, with its pomp and circumstance, marks the beginning of a new chapter for a campus and can be a long, lavish affair. "I would rather use these funds in a way that will have a lasting impact for our campus and community," Paydar said. Read the complete story.

The Kinsey Institute 2009 Juried Art Show opens May 29 -- The Kinsey Institute 2009 Juried Art Show, featuring paintings, prints, photographs, ceramics, wearable art, metalwork, fiber art and video installations, opens May 29 in the SoFA Gallery at Indiana University Bloomington. The fourth annual show includes artwork by local, national and international artists. The collaboration with the School of Fine Arts Gallery has allowed the show to expand substantially to 120 artworks, recognizing the growing interest in the juried show, which saw submissions more than double this year. Read the complete story.

Regenstrief Institute is 'pace car' for coordination of medical care at Indy 500 -- Indianapolis 500 spectators, participants and crews expect nonstop excitement and outstanding racing at the world's largest sporting event. They will find that and more at this year's Indy 500. Along with the excitement of one of the world's greatest motor sport competitions and, for the first time at any type of mass gathering, the electronic medical records (particularly of those hailing from Indiana, the most healthcare wired state in the country) will be instantly, securely available on site - in this case the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's Clarian Emergency Medical Center. The virtual medical record of previous tests, diagnoses and treatments will provide caregivers access to the medical histories necessary to determine the best course of treatment. Read the complete story.

Ready, set, robots: IU summer technology workshop for teens -- Indiana high school students with an interest in computer technology, programming, or networking can work alongside IU technologists to build a robot and compete against other teams in a "robot showdown" during a hands-on workshop sponsored by the IU Pervasive Technology Institute. Network security researchers from the Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research (CACR) Advanced Network Management Lab (ANML) will lead the third annual Summer Technology Workshop, which will introduce teens to the field of high-speed network research, cybersecurity, and basic computer programming. Read the complete story.

New book offers lessons from India's 60-year history of fighting counterinsurgent movements -- A newly edited book by two Indiana University Bloomington professors addresses a timely issue that the U.S. government is currently facing -- counterinsurgency. In Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. and allied military forces were unprepared to deal with fierce resistance from determined insurgencies. The difficulties of mounting effective counterinsurgency campaigns had experts scrambling to learn from famous counterinsurgencies of the past, including the British victory in Malaya, the French failure in Algeria and the painful American involvement in Vietnam. Read the complete story.

Student blogs, tweets, videos share out-of-classroom learning -- IUPUI Senior Eugene Pride has never really felt as if he had a "real student" to show him what college life is really like. And the self-described "average" student says he "was very traditional in the past just thinking 'go to class and get the degree' not knowing true education is much more than that." But this summer, Pride is not only stepping out of his "traditional" box and studying abroad in Poland, he is also one of seven IUPUI students who are sharing a real look at their college lives using new media. Read the complete story.

School of Education researcher to assist China's efforts to improve English instruction -- A professor from the Indiana University School of Education is heading to China for a month to provide input to Chinese educators who are reforming their English instruction system. Faridah Pawan will spend a month in China observing classrooms and working with teachers of "English as a Foreign Language" (EFL), as it's called there. Pawan is an assistant professor in the department of Literacy, Culture, and Language Education, and she is director of TACIT -- a program to prepare more English as a Second Language (ESL) instructors. Read the complete story.


Indiana University Bloomington Scoreboard

Results from Wednesday, May 20:
Baseball: The Indiana baseball team took a 9-1 victory over Purdue on Wednesday in the opening round of the Big Ten Tournament. Read the game notes.

Schedule for Thursday, May 21:
Baseball: Minnesota, 3:35 p.m., Columbus, Ohio

Schedule for Friday, May 22:
Baseball: Day three of the Big Ten Tournament, Columbus, Ohio

Schedule for Saturday, May 23:
Baseball: Day four of the Big Ten Tournament, Columbus, Ohio


IU in the news

Study: Most IU graduates remain in state
Indianapolis Star, May 19 -- Indiana University says the old saying is wrong, that all educated people leave the state once they've graduated. According to a study from the Indiana Business Research Center, located at the university's Kelley School of Business, most recent IU graduates have stayed in the state. "We were pleased to find that so many of the university's graduates are choosing to apply the skills they've acquired here in Indiana," said Jerry Conover, director of the research center, in a statement from the university. Full story.

Neutron star crust is stronger than steel; Innovative computer model simulated conditions on star's surface
MSNBC, May 18 -- Neutron stars are dead relics that have collapsed into very small, dense spheres with tough crusts. Forces welling from within can crack the crusts during events called star quakes, similar to earthquakes. The awesome power of those quakes can blast gamma rays into space, leading scientists to suspect that the stars' crusts must be very hard to break. A new study suggests how strong they are: The crust of neutron stars could be 10 billion times stronger than steel, based on an innovative model of elements compressed as tightly as they would be on the surface of a neutron star. Full story.

Fund Raising Challenge
Inside Higher Ed, May 19 -- The job market is terrible for new graduates and young alumni, but development offices still want them as donors. At many institutions, this is leading to campaigns to get as many people as possible to give small amounts, such as $20.09 to symbolize this year. But there are also colleges that have decided this is a time to forget about participation rates and go for dollars. About six or seven years ago, Indiana University at Bloomington started to target young alumni as a specific donor group, with glossy, creative mailings, appeals to Gen Y values, "things that have been really outside the box," according to Jonathan Purvis, executive director in the office of special gifts and annual giving programs. The idea - which is still shared by colleges across the country - was to reach as many young alumni as possible in an attempt to garner widespread participation levels, hopefully encouraging those young donors to make a habit of giving early on. Full story.

IU becomes college sports headquarters
Indiana Daily Student, May 21 -- Prepare for cloudier game-winning slides, louder rantings at referees and truck-ramming tackles as IU's National Sports Journalism Center announces the Associated Press Sports Editors is joining the Hoosier family. Founded 35 years ago, the Associated Press Sports Editors is the nation's largest professional-sports journalism organization, including more than 550 members who are top online sports executives and from newspapers across the nation. The Associated Press Sports Editors will place its first official home at IU's new National Sports Journalism Center on the campus of IU-Purdue University Indianapolis. Full story.


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