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Scott Witzke

Last modified: Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New videos and podcasts from 'A Moment Of Science'

July 28, 2009

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- A Moment of Science, the syndicated radio program heard on more than 80 public and community radio stations in Indiana and around the globe, now offers an expanded selection of video and audio podcasts on its Web site,

A Moment of Science is produced in WFIU studios on the Indiana University Bloomington campus, and it receives support from the IU Bloomington Office of the Provost. IU scientists, medical researchers and staff regularly serve as advisors to the program's staff, scrutinizing scripts for scientific accuracy.

A Moment of Science

A Moment of Science

Perusers of A Moment of Science's new Web site can learn whether caffeine makes us more persuadable -- and whether getting bitten by a dog is safer than getting bitten by a human.

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"I wanted to take the existing feeling and purpose of the show but specifically target the people who watch a lot of video on the Internet," said Nicholas Chafin, producer, writer and director of the new A Moment of Science video segments. "A Moment of Science has always been a fantastic program that draws people in to learn about the scientific world around them in such a fun and interesting way that you may not even realize you're learning -- you're too busy enjoying the content and the concepts. My hope is that the new video segments will expand on this enjoyable learning experience and be embraced by a broad Internet community."

Mandy Striph, who hosts the video podcast, is equally excited about the video programs. "I've been having a blast," she said. "I'm learning all kinds of fun facts. These short videos make the perfect teaching supplement. I would love it if the podcasts became so popular that they would be used in classrooms across the country and around the globe."

For more than 20 years, A Moment Of Science has been providing the scientific story behind some of life's most perplexing mysteries. Originally a radio-only program, A Moment of Science's Web presence includes thousands of archived radio episodes, as well as new video and audio podcasts on its recently redesigned Web site. Each podcast presents a "moment" of scientific insight, tailored for those of us with unlimited curiosity but limited time. Using humor and clear, precise language, A Moment of Science programs remove some of the mystery from science but not the wonder.

Sample topics have included, "Why does a light bulb burn out?"; "How does a virus make you sick?"; "What annoys an oyster?"; and thousands more. Web site browsers can search A Moment of Science archives back to 2003.

Don Glass, A Moment of Science radio host and producer, has worked in public radio since 1966.

"Working with A Moment of Science has been about the most enjoyable experience of my career," Glass said. "I have always enjoyed science, and working with it at this level is great. All the neat stuff I learn is so rewarding, and I hope my excitement for all the fascinating things is reflected in the programs."

WFIU New Media Director Adam Schweigert has led the Web site redesign project and is senior producer for the new video series.

"It's staggering how much content is on the new A Moment of Science Web site, but we've tried to make it all easy to navigate, search, share and discuss. What I've always liked about the program is how offbeat the topics covered often are, and we've tried to reflect that in the design and organization of the site. The site is helping people to discover new science facts and topics that they may not have even known they were interested in."

A Moment Of Science audio and video podcasts can be accessed via, or by launching iTunes, selecting "iTunes Store," and searching for A Moment of Science. Users can subscribe to the podcasts, and each episode is free. Thousands of past episodes are also organized, indexed and easily searchable at

Facebook users can follow A Moment Of Science at and on Twitter via @momentofscience (no "a").

A Moment of Science radio programs are made possible with support from the American Society of Plant Biologists and the Indiana University Office of the Provost. Video programs are supported by a grant from the Brabson Library and Education Foundation.

WFIU Public Media, on the Web at, is a division of WFIU Public Radio, the NPR affiliate broadcasting from Indiana University Bloomington, serving central and southern Indiana. WFIU Public Media productions include the Kinsey Confidential Sexual Health Podcast, Earth Eats Real Food and Green Living Podcast, as well as Crash Course in Islam and Muslim Voices -- two podcasts created in association with the Voices and Visions Project at Indiana University.

To speak with A Moment of Science staff members, please contact Scott Witzke, WFIU, at 812-855-0198 or