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IU's Mathers Museum honored with prestigious grant from Institute of Museum and Library Services
Fumbled handoffs can lead to medical errors
Americans remain divided on government involvement in health insurance, IU survey shows
IU, community artists collaborate to present 'Interpreting the Square'
Dentistry's Summer Institute expands to include rural Indiana students
IU sustainability interns to showcase summer research projects
IU's Traditional Arts Indiana will have expanded presence at Indiana State Fair
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IU's Mathers Museum honored with prestigious grant from Institute of Museum and Library Services -- A new exhibit exploring humanity's cosmic, terrestrial, biological and cultural origins will open in Bloomington in fall 2010, thanks in part to a $149,000 grant recently awarded to Indiana University Bloomington's Mathers Museum of World Cultures. The Institute of Museum and Library Services awarded the grant in support of "From the Big Bang to the World Wide Web: The Origins of Everything." The exhibit is being developed by the Mathers Museum in conjunction with the Stone Age Institute, a research center dedicated to the archaeological study of human origins and technological development, and IU's Center for Research into the Anthropological Foundations of Technology (CRAFT), an institute dedicated to investigating the archaeological origins and evolution of human technology over the past three million years. Read the complete story.

Fumbled handoffs can lead to medical errors; Study finds not communicating results of tests after hospital discharge is common -- Poor communication of the outcomes of medical tests whose results are pending at the time of a patient's hospital discharge is common and can lead to serious medical errors in post-hospitalization medical treatment. A new study by researchers from the Regenstrief Institute and the Indiana University School of Medicine has found that hospital discharge summaries are grossly inadequate at documenting both tests with pending results and information about which doctors should receive the post-discharge test results. The findings appear in the September 2009 issue of the Journal of General Internal Medicine. During a hospital stay tests are ordered by emergency department physicians, generalists, specialists, hospitalists and other medical staff. Test results such as those indicating positive blood culture, uncontrolled thyroid or declining kidney function can require post-discharge treatment but results of some tests may not be ready for weeks after the patient leaves the hospital. Most patients are unaware that test results are pending. Read the complete story.

Americans remain divided on government involvement in health insurance, IU survey shows -- Researchers from Indiana University's Center for Health Policy and Professionalism Research (CHPPR) have found that support for government-sponsored health insurance for individuals under age 65 remains virtually the same regardless of how the plan is described or how involved the government would be. Many have argued that public support of a government-sponsored health insurance option, such as that being proposed by President Barack Obama, can be significantly influenced by changing how the plan is described or by varying the description of the role government would play. To test this idea, researchers from CHPPR developed three scenarios that each described a government health insurance plan for individuals under age 65 regardless of employment status. Read the complete story.

IU, community artists collaborate to present 'Interpreting the Square' -- Throughout the month of September, the work of 30 artists and creative writers from Indiana University Bloomington and the surrounding community will be on display throughout downtown Bloomington. The collaborative art installation, titled "Interpreting the Square: Thirty Artists Explore Downtown Bloomington," will explore the cultural, social and economic complexity of Bloomington's thriving business district, said Kristin Carlson, a graduate student at IU Bloomington's Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts who is co-administrator of the project with SoFA grad student Sara Brooks (their faculty advisor is Laurel Cornell, an IU professor of sociology). Each artist has been paired with one of the 30 buildings facing the Courthouse Square, and each will create a distinctive artwork based upon personal interests and medium. Read the complete story.

Dentistry's Summer Institute expands to include rural Indiana students -- The Indiana University School of Dentistry's second annual Dental Summer Institute (DSI) drew more than twice the number of participants as 2008's program, thanks to enthusiastic word-of-mouth assessments from the students who enrolled last year and a new component of the program focusing on young people from rural Hoosier backgrounds. Through an ongoing collaboration with Indiana's Area Health Education Centers (AHEC), the dental school offers a summer series of educational programs that are geared toward introducing careers in dentistry to youth from areas of the state where there are shortages in the health professions workforce. Read the complete story.

IU sustainability interns to showcase summer research projects -- Students engaged in Indiana University Bloomington's 2009 Summer Program in Sustainability will showcase the research projects they have conducted on Friday, Aug. 14. The third annual Indiana University Sustainability Internship Symposium will take place from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Frangipani Room of the Indiana Memorial Union, 900 E. Seventh St. The event will begin with oral presentations and will include a lunch featuring local and organic foods, courtesy of the Office of Sustainability and Indiana Memorial Union Catering. The interns will share their summer research and implementation projects, which include evaluating the state of sustainability at IU with nationally recognized metrics, creating implementation plans for campus and community car-sharing, mitigation of invasive species, and preservation and restoration of campus prairies and wetlands. Read the complete story.

IU's Traditional Arts Indiana will have expanded presence at Indiana State Fair -- For the past decade, IU's Traditional Arts Indiana (TAI) has been an active participant at the Indiana State Fair. This year, TAI has expanded its presence with a major exhibition in the Home and Family Arts Building at the fair that opens Aug. 7 and runs through Aug. 23, as well as hosting the Indiana State Fair Fiddle Contest Saturday (Aug. 15). The Home and Family Arts Building exhibit features the works of more than 30 Hoosier folk artists, craftspeople and musicians. From hoop-net makers and African American quilting to handmade chocolates and fiddle tunes, the display celebrates the persistence of many of Indiana's traditions as well as the emergence of folkways brought to the state by its immigrant communities. Read the complete story.


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IU in the news

Virtual learning supporters
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Aug. 11 -- Indiana's public education community is often characterized as obstructionist. But as the state moves further into the brave new world of cyber-learning, it might well be state educators leading the way. A new Indiana University survey on virtual learning found healthy support for online instruction among school superintendents, principals and counselors. That support, along with a promising pilot program for a virtual charter school, could help sway opinion among Hoosiers, who still express strong reservations about classes taught entirely online. While the state moves cautiously forward with a charter model for virtual learning, administrators in brick-and-mortar schools are looking at online opportunities as well. IU's Center for Evaluation and Education Policy surveyed about 200 school officials this past spring and found that most online learning now takes place in Indiana high schools. Full story.

Balance: an important part of fitness
Washington Post, Aug. 11 -- Loss of balance and mobility can be prevented or delayed if we work at keeping these abilities sharp. Yet unless you practice yoga, karate, tai chi or a handful of other fitness regimens that emphasize balance training, you probably haven't done anything about it in years, possibly decades. "We don't put ourselves in the situations very often where we have to maintain our balance," says James S. Skinner, a professor emeritus of kinesiology at Indiana University and a past president of the American College of Sports Medicine. The good news, as with most things concerning health and fitness, is that you can make substantial gains, even well into old age. Full story.

70% say brides should take husband's name
USA Today, Aug. 11 -- What's in a name? Apparently a lot, especially if it's your last name. About 70% of Americans agree, either somewhat or strongly, that it's beneficial for women to take her husband's last name when they marry, while 29% say it's better for women to keep their own names, finds a study being presented today at the American Sociological Association's annual meeting in San Francisco. Researchers from Indiana University and the University of Utah asked about 815 people a combination of multiple choice and open-ended questions to come up with the findings. Laura Hamilton, a sociology researcher at Indiana University and one of the study authors, says that while gender-neutral terms such as "chairperson" have become commonplace, the same logic hasn't carried over to name change. "One of the most interesting things is that a lot of people assume that because language in general is gender-neutral, that name change would also be one of those things in which attitudes would be shifting towards being much more liberal," she says. Full story.

Screening colonoscopy: Quality, public awareness key to efficacy
HemOncToday, Aug. 10 -- Each year, about 14 million screening colonoscopy procedures are performed, ranking colonoscopy as one of the most widely used endoscopic procedures in the United States. However, the efficacy of the procedure rests heavily on its quality, an issue that is emerging as a major concern in the gastroenterology and endoscopy communities, according to Douglas Rex, MD, FACP, FACG, professor in the department of medicine, division of gastroenterology and hepatology, Indiana University School of Medicine, and director of endoscopy at Indiana University Hospital. Recent data have questioned the accuracy and effectiveness of colonoscopy as commonly performed in the medical community and demonstrated the importance of quality indicators. Experts like Rex and Lieberman have played instrumental roles in providing recommendations and guidelines to ensure high-quality performance, either in private practices or large institutions. According to Rex, the efficacy of the procedure is probably not 90%, as was once reported. Full story.


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