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Elinor Ostrom, Indiana University faculty member, wins Nobel Prize for Economics
Matching the Promise fundraising campaign for IU Bloomington passes $1 billion mark
Three recipients honored as IU Foundation "Partners in Philanthropy"
IUPUI named one of top five "Best Neighbor" colleges and universities in the nation
Gershkoff-Stowe asks: As child's vocabulary grows, how do they find that right word?
Dance grant to help restage Martha Graham's "Panorama" in Bloomington
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Elinor Ostrom, Indiana University faculty member, wins Nobel Prize for Economics -- Indiana University professor Elinor Ostrom has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced Oct. 12. Ostrom is the Arthur F. Bentley Professor of Political Science in the College of Arts and Sciences and a professor in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University Bloomington. She is co-founder and senior research director of the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis at IU. Read the complete story.

Matching the Promise fundraising campaign for IU Bloomington passes $1 billion mark -- Indiana University President Michael A. McRobbie announced today (Oct. 13) that the "Matching the Promise" fundraising campaign for the IU Bloomington campus has surpassed the $1 billion threshold on the way to its $1.1 billion goal. The campaign, launched six years ago, was initiated to provide scholarships and fellowships to help keep IU affordable and attractive to top-notch students, provide funding for faculty chairs to attract and retain leading academic talent, and to construct high-quality teaching and research facilities. Read the complete story.

Three recipients honored as IU Foundation "Partners in Philanthropy" -- Recognizing the key role played by volunteer leaders in service and philanthropy, the Indiana University Foundation is honoring three individuals as outstanding "Partners in Philanthropy" for Indiana University. The awards are being presented today (Oct. 13) to Leonard Goldstein of Fort Wayne, Jacqueline O'Donnell, M.D. of Indianapolis, and Don Earnhart of Indianapolis by IU President Michael A. McRobbie and IU Foundation President Gene Tempel. Read the complete story.

IUPUI named one of top five "Best Neighbor" colleges and universities in the nation -- This morning in Philadelphia, at the 15th annual conference of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities, Dr. Evan Dobelle reported IUPUI took 5th place in his survey of the "Best College and University Civic Partnerships." Dobelle described IUPUI this way: This state university, in the heart of Indianapolis, claims that, "Civic engagement isn't just what our students, faculty, and staff do; it's at the heart of who we are . . . " The institution lives up to this commitment through entities such as the IU Emerging Technologies Center, which has helped to create myriad hightech companies and jobs in the area, and the Signature Center Service Learning Research Collaborative which "has enabled the campus to emerge as a center for research and scholarship on civic engagement and service learning." Read the complete story.

Gershkoff-Stowe asks: As child's vocabulary grows, how do they find that right word? -- An Indiana University associate professor in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences has received $467,071 from the National Science Foundation to further her research into the word retrieval processes of children. Lisa Gershkoff-Stowe's research into how a child's emerging lexicon is organized, how it operates and then how it changes as vocabulary grows will move forward with a series of five planned studies the NSF has agreed to fund over the next three years. The studies will involve examining the word retrieval skills of children of different ages using a battery of different tests. Read the complete story.

Dance grant to help restage Martha Graham's "Panorama" in Bloomington -- The Indiana University Contemporary Dance Program will restage Martha Graham's "Panorama" in January with the help of a $10,000 award from Dance/USA and the National Endowment for the Arts. An American dancer and choreographer, Graham was an influential pioneer of modern dance. Sandra Kaufmann, a former Graham dancer from Chicago, worked with dancers in the IU Contemporary Dance Program this fall to restage the dance "Panorama," as part of the Contemporary Dance Program's annual concert, this year titled "The Legacy of Graham." Read the complete story.


Indiana University Bloomington Scoreboard

Results from Friday, Oct. 9:
Field Hockey: Two goals in the second period from senior Haley Funk and junior Katie Griswold wasn't enough as the Indiana field hockey team fell to No. 8 Michigan State, 6-2. Read the game notes.

Results from Saturday, Oct. 10:
Field Hockey: Indiana field hockey had goals from senior Haley Funk, junior Katie Griswold and redshirt freshman Morgan Fleetwood in a 3-1 victory over Central Michigan. Read the game notes.
Football: Virginia's offense had a big game for a 47-7 victory over Indiana. Read the game notes.
Men's Soccer: A goal from Andy Adlard and a fingertip save by Luis Soffner in the final seconds were the difference makers in a 1-0 win for Indiana at Michigan. Read the match notes.
Women's Volleyball: The Indiana University volleyball team dropped a 3-0 decision on the road to Illinois. Read the match notes.

Results from Sunday, Oct. 11:
Women's Volleyball: IU Volleyball fell in a five-setter at Northwestern Sunday evening, coming up just two points shy of clinching the victory. Read the match notes.
Women's Tennis: Leslie Hureau and Evgeniya Vertesheva, the two newest members of the Indiana Univeristy women's tennis team, each concluded their weekend in Jacksonville, Fla., at the UNF Fall Invitational with flight titles. Hureau won both her singles and doubles flight. Read the tournament recap.

Results from Monday, Oct. 12:
Men's Golf: Heavy and ongoing rainfall has made the course unplayable for the final round of the Alister MacKenzie Invitational, forcing tournament officials to cancel the round and Monday's scores become the final results. Indiana finished with a share of 12th place. Read the tournament notes.

Schedule for Wednesday, Oct. 14:
Men's Soccer: Notre Dame, 7 p.m., South Bend, Ind.


IU in the news

Study: U.S. parents respond quickly to trendy baby names
USA Today, Oct. 13 -- Researchers have long known that when it comes to baby names, what's "in" keeps getting more popular. But new research by psychologists suggests that parents in the USA seem to prefer baby names that have recently risen in popularity, rather than those that have been popular for a while and may be on the way out. The study, which researchers say is "relevant to understanding how people's everyday decisions are influenced by aggregate cultural processes," appears online today in the journal Topics in Cognitive Science. It is based on 127 years of data from the Social Security Administration. Researchers Todd Gureckis, an assistant professor of psychology at New York University, and Robert Goldstone, a professor of psychological and brain sciences at Indiana University-Bloomington, analyzed the probability that a name would go up or down from one year to the next, based on its previous popularity. Full story.

Are Good Deeds a License to Misbehave?
Newsweek, Oct. 12 -- It happens every time. I walk into a restaurant and all I want is a small salad, and maybe a roll. Then the waiter comes up for my order and suddenly out comes, "Could I have a cheeseburger and -- oh, wait, can you put bacon on that? And fries. Oh, wait, cheese fries would be even better. Thanks!" After having scarfed down the burger combo, I shamefacedly waddle out of the restaurant, wondering what on earth just happened. But my poor food choices aren't what concern me. Instead, my preoccupation stems from another study I'd heard of, research out of Indiana University. The Indiana scholars looked at volunteerism data for 1,700 kids, ages 10 to 18. The kids had been asked if they'd helped (with homework, chores, etc.) friends or siblings. The kids were also asked if they had done any other volunteer work, or donated money to a charity, within the same time period. Not surprisingly, teens -- both boys and girls -- did more volunteer work than the younger children. But as the teens' volunteering for charities increased, the amount of help they gave friends and siblings dropped -- at about the same rate as the volunteering increased. Teen boys also gave less money to charity. So the net rate of altruism stayed flat -- or perhaps was even a bit lower for the 18-year-olds, than it was for the 10-year-olds. Full story.

Pessimism: the big variable in state's budget planning
Courier Press, Oct. 13 -- Here's a problem that matters: Indiana's economists aren't pessimistic enough. A state panel tasked with predicting how much tax money the state will collect historically has been remarkably accurate. But in this beleaguered economy, the panel's estimates have been wildly off the mark. The most recent revenue forecast, offered in May, is the foundation of the budget that passed in June. It is the document on which lawmakers relied as they decided how much the state could spend over the next two years. After Daniels announced the grim news Thursday, the Revenue Forecast Technical Committee met at the Statehouse. John Mikesell, an Indiana University economist who has been on the committee for more than three decades, said there was a lot of frustration in that room. "We're not happy. The people on that committee -- every time we get another jolt, it makes us sick to our stomachs. We talked about things we can do. We've changed the model so many times the past year, it's hard to keep your head from spinning." Full story.

Kinsey to study barriers to proper condom use
Indiana Daily Student, Oct. 8 -- Stephanie Sanders and Erick Janssen, researchers at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction, received a $423,500 grant from the National Institutes of Health to study barriers to correct condom use. "Consistent and correct use of male condoms can be a highly effective method of preventing the transmission of HIV and many STIs, but this method relies on men's willingness and ability to use condoms," according to a Kinsey press release. The study, which targets 18- to 24-year-old males, has two parts. First, subjects fill out a questionnaire about their condom use and any partner's reactions. "The point of this study is to look at some of the problems that guys have when using condoms and find out why exactly does that happen and what can we do to overcome it," Sanders said. Full story.


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