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IU Health Center

Last modified: Monday, November 23, 2009

IU Bloomington Health Center receives 8,900 H1N1 vaccine doses

Nov. 23, 2009

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Indiana University Bloomington students and employees who made an advance H1N1 vaccine reservation for Week 1, Week 2 or Week 3 of the vaccination program will be vaccinated by Dec. 9.

The IU Health Center in Bloomington has received 8,900 H1N1 vaccine doses and will distribute those to students and employees with the appropriate reservations beginning Dec. 2. There is enough vaccine for those with standing reservations for Week 1, Week 2 or Week 3 of the pre-reservation program.

H1N1 Clinic Schedule

The reservation system allowed qualified students and employees to reserve vaccinations without knowing the date of the vaccine's actual availability. On Nov. 16, the first 980 doses of vaccine were distributed to students and employees with Week 1, Day 1 reservations.

Pete Grogg, associate director at the IU Health Center, said this second, larger round of vaccinations would begin Wednesday, Dec. 2, and would continue on Monday, Dec. 7, and run through Wednesday, Dec. 9.

Any student or employee with a reservation ticket for Wednesday-Week 1, or Wednesday-Week 2, will receive their vaccination on Wednesday, Dec. 2. Grogg said those scheduled on either of those two original reservation days would receive a confirmation e-mail today (Nov. 23) confirming the time of their Dec. 2 vaccination.

On Monday, Dec. 7, those who made online pre-reservations for Monday-Week 2, or Monday-Week 3, will receive their vaccinations.

On Tuesday, Dec. 8, those who made online pre-reservations for Tuesday-Week 1, or Tuesday-Week 2, will receive their vaccinations.

On Wednesday, Dec. 9, those who made online pre-reservations for Tuesday-Week 3, or Wednesday-Week 3, will receive their vaccinations.

Anyone with a reservation will receive a confirmation e-mail confirming the calendar date and time of vaccination prior to the day of their vaccination. All vaccinations will be carried out at Assembly Hall and students and employees should arrive at least 10 minutes early and enter through the south entrance facing 17th Street.

Grogg said there may be some confusion as to the order of actual vaccinations since the reservation program was initially in place to next vaccinate those with reservations for Tuesday-Week 1, which would typically have followed the initial round of 980 doses delivered Nov. 16 to those with reservations for Week 1, Day 1.

IU has a basketball game scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 1, so those with a Tuesday-Week 1, reservation will be able to avoid game traffic by being vaccinated on Tuesday, Dec. 8.

To receive the vaccination, those with the appropriate reservation must arrive with a completed H1N1 influenza vaccine consent form, and -- if under age 18 -- also a signed H1N1 influenza parental consent form.

In addition to the consent forms, those with the appropriate reservation should also arrive with the automatically generated e-mail they received at the time the reservation was made. The e-mail serves as a reservation ticket. If you have lost your reservation ticket, then please arrive anyway and the clinic check-in staff will verify your appointment.

Finally, wear a short-sleeve shirt to the appointment in order to accommodate an efficient and smooth vaccination process. The IU Health Center plans to vaccinate about 240 people per hour.

If a student or employee cannot keep a reservation due to unforeseen circumstances call 812-855-7688 to cancel the original appointment, which will permit access to the online reservation system so a new appointment can be scheduled.

"We want to communicate as clearly as possible that only those with reservations in Weeks 1, 2 and 3 will be eligible at these clinic dates (Dec. 2, Dec. 7-9)," Grogg said. "The other weeks will be addressed once we get more vaccine."

Future announcements about more vaccine becoming available to students and employees with reservations will be made as more vaccine arrives. Updates can be found on the IU Health Center's Twitter feed at

Qualified students and employees at IU Bloomington can still reserve a vaccination by visiting either the IU Bloomington home page at, the IU Health Center home page at or the Health Center page in OneStart at (See "Health Center" in left side menu under the "Campus" tab). Once there, users will be able to access the reservation service by clicking on the "Free H1N1 Vaccinations" icon.