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Alain Barker
Jacobs School of Music

Last modified: Friday, February 19, 2010

IU Jacobs School ensemble ˇSacabuche! invited to the Berkeley Early Music Festival

Feb. 19, 2010

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- ˇSacabuche!, an ensemble formed at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, has been invited to appear as a mainstage attraction at the 2010 Berkeley Early Music Festival, performing on June 10th. The ensemble was formed by faculty and students of the Early Music Institute and is emerging as America's premier sackbut group.

"We're thrilled to be invited to perform in the featured series of one of the leading U.S. Early Music festivals," said Linda Pearse, ensemble director and a Jacobs School adjunct faculty member. "In many ways, the performance will be a testament to the fine teaching in both the Early Music Institute and the Trombone Area of the Jacobs School."

For the festival performance, faculty professors Nigel North (lute) and Paul Elliott (tenor) will join Pearse (sackbut) and fellow adjunct-faculty member Yonit Kosovske (organ and keyboards). Additional members of the ensemble are students Sarah Barbash-Riley, Michael DeWitt, Ray Horton (sackbut), Lindsey Lang (soprano), Andrew Rader, Dominic Lim (countertenor), Jedediah Allen (bass and cornetto), James Andrewes, Janelle Davis (violin) and Kelsey Shilling (dulcian).

The ensemble won the 2009 Early Music America Collegium Musicum grant competition, resulting in a well-reviewed performance at the Boston Early Music Festival fringe festival.

Linda Pearse completed a master's degree in early music performance at the Schola Cantorum in Basel, Switzerland and worked in Europe for over ten years before returning to North America. She now teaches early trombone in the Jacobs School and is in the final stages of her doctorate in the Jacobs School's Brass Department.

Additional information about ˇSacabuche! can be found at