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Julie Wernert
UITS External Communications Manager

Last modified: Tuesday, May 4, 2010

IU announces agreements with North Carolina and Oklahoma to launch new GlobalNOC Network Control Service

May 4, 2010

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- The Indiana University Global Research Network Operations Center (GlobalNOC) has launched a new service to help research and education (R&E) communities across the country enhance their advanced network management systems.

The GlobalNOC Network Control Service is leveraging the advanced network management capabilities it developed for networks like Internet2 and National LambdaRail to offer R&E communities a community-oriented, cost-effective approach to network support.

The first clients for the new service are MCNC, an independent, non-profit networking support organization for North Carolina's K-20 education community, and OneNet, Oklahoma's telecommunications and information network for education and government.

"For us, the service provides significant value and increased efficiencies," said OneNet Chief Technology Officer James Deaton. "It gives us access to some of the best available advanced network management tools without trying to recreate what the IU GlobalNOC has already accomplished. This frees us from worrying about the details of network management system development and allows us to be confident that we are using proven tools that have been thoroughly tested."

MCNC Manager of Knowledge & Information Systems Carla Hunt added, "The GlobalNOC Network Control Service has significantly enhanced our operational management and monitoring capabilities. In addition to enabling us to improve our operational workflow and efficiency, key benefits to our customers include the availability of additional, more granular performance data, a streamlined ticketing system, and enhanced reporting capabilities."

Jon-Paul Herron

Jon-Paul Herron

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For R&E networks requiring customized network monitoring tools, the system provides a flexible, cost-effective network management environment that can be hosted on-site or remotely and used by the network's own staff to manage and monitor their network. The hardware, operating system, and software maintenance are managed by GlobalNOC, with engineers from two organizations working closely together to discuss and identify the best solutions.

"The potential benefit goes beyond the service itself," said Jon-Paul Herron, director of GlobalNOC engineering. "By offering these tools more widely, we're creating a pool of resources that can be collectively shared and improved by a growing number of R&E networks. This will lead to stronger tools tailored to the particular needs of R&E networks."

"Commercial tools do exist," he added. "But they are not specifically designed for these types of networks and don't incorporate the hands-on knowledge and experience of R&E networking professionals such as those at GlobalNOC. R&E is what we do, and this service reflects that focus."

About OneNet

OneNet is Oklahoma's official telecommunications and information network for education and government. It is an operational division of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and is operated in cooperation with the Oklahoma Office of State Finance. OneNet is made possible through a partnership between the State of Oklahoma and commercial telecommunications companies -- resulting in millions of dollars of savings to Oklahoma taxpayers, as well as the rapid development of a telecommunications infrastructure that is one of the most comprehensive in the nation. For more information about OneNet, see:

About MCNC

MCNC is an independent, non-profit organization that employs advanced networking technologies and systems to continuously improve learning and collaboration throughout North Carolina's K20 education community. The company was initially funded by the North Carolina State Government in 1980 as a catalyst for technology-based economic development. MCNC's rich history and technological expertise spans over a quarter of a century. For more information about MCNC, see:

About GlobalNOC

The Global Research Network Operations Center (GlobalNOC) at Indiana University is the premier operations and engineering organization supporting advanced international, national, regional, and local high-performance research and education networks.

GlobalNOC plays a major role in transforming the face of digital science, research, and education in Indiana, the US, and the world by providing unparalleled network operations and engineering needed for reliable and cost-effective access to specialized facilities for research and education. For more information about GlobalNOC, see: