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Rowing wins CHAMPS Challenge

May 5, 2010

The Indiana rowing team won its third consecutive CHAMPS Challenge, earning a chance to have dinner with Indiana University's President Michael McRobbie and First Lady Laurie Burns McRobbie on April 13 at Wells House on the Bloomington campus.

President and Laurie McRobbie both addressed the Hoosiers for the accomplishments throughout the year that earned them the CHAMPS Challenge award, while Indiana Vice President and Director of Athletics Fred Glass, Associate Athletics Directors Janet Kittell and Grace Calhoun, along with IU's Faculty Representative Bruce Jaffee, were in attendance.

rowing team photo

The IU Rowing team with President McRobbie and First Lady Laurie Burns McRobbie

"Being a student-athlete at Indiana is not just about academics and athletics, it's about enhancing the educational experience by being an active member of the university and Bloomington community," said IU head coach Steve Peterson. "We are always excited to win this challenge, but it's important that everyone knows that it's our student-athletes who are the ones doing the work and driving our team to win."

The IU rowing team earned this year's challenge honor by focusing on two main facets of the CHAMPS program -- participating in community service and supporting fellow Hoosiers by attending athletics events. Sophomores Rachel Griffin and Hillary MacBain were responsible for coordinating the team's volunteer opportunities and events. Each member of the team made it a priority to volunteer at least once a month, while participating in several department programs. The Hoosiers also are active in IU's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, including senior Emily Kasavana, who is president of the student-run committee.

The CHAMPS Challenge is a competition between all Indiana University varsity athletics teams. It is designed to encourage participation in the CHAMPS/Life Skills programs, attendance at other teams' events and community service while awarding academic success. It encourages student-athletes to become involved with their peers and within the campus community. All student-athletes are eligible to compete in the challenge. Points are earned by attending events and programs and excelling academically.