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George Vlahakis
IU Media Relations

Tipsheet: North Korea 10 years after Kim Il Sung

EDITORS: July 8 marked the 10th anniversary of the death of North Korean President Kim Il Sung, the first leader in the history of that country. The Stalinist-style dictator died a few weeks before a historic summit with the president of South Korea was to have taken place, and he was succeeded by his son. Here are two experts at Indiana University Bloomington who can offer perspectives on North Korea and its standing in the world community.

-- Heejoon Kang, professor of business economics and public policy in IU's Kelley School of Business, is a native of the Republic of Korea (South Korea). In addition to his research into economic conditions and policies in the region, Kang has been a frequent editorial contributor to Korea Times, the oldest independent and most influential English-language daily in South Korea. His research also has focused on the relationship between international trade and political conflict/cooperation. He is a member of the Korean-American Economic Association. He can be reached at 812-855-9219 or

-- Michael E. Robinson, professor of East Asian languages and cultures in the IU College of Arts and Sciences, is a co-author of the book Korea Old and New: A History (Harvard University Press); editor of the book Colonial Modernity in Korea (Harvard University Press); and author of numerous articles and journal papers on Korean history. He is in the process of writing a new book tentatively titled, Korea's 20th Century Odyssey. His research focuses on the use of the media to influence popular opinion in Korea. He has been the recipient of a Korean Foundation grant and a Fulbright Research Fellowship to do research in the Republic of Korea. His experience in Korea goes back to the late 1960s when he was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Republic of Korea. He can be reached at 812-336-8479 (home), 812-855-855-3635 (office) or