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Hoosier Profile: Verdell Jones III

Oct. 13, 2010

Verdell Jones III

Verdell Jones

Photo by Mike Dickbernd/IU Athletics

Verdell Jones

On how comfortable he is at Indiana in year three:

"I feel very comfortable. I know this program is moving in the right direction. The pieces we're getting are starting to mature each day, and the sky is the limit for us if we stay healthy."

On his goals for the season:

"I want to lead us to win more games. I think my maturity level over the summer is really improving and my IQ for the game has gotten better. I just feel more confident, and with the pieces that we've got now, I just want to win more games."

On being a veteran on the team:

"I think it is a big difference because freshman year, none of us knew what was going on. Now, we have the juniors and Jeremiah (Rivers) is a senior, who know what to expect. The sophomores are going to coincide with what we say and the freshman just listen, so everything has been good so far."

On the team's work ethic:

"I think we're very hungry. We have nothing to put our chests out and be boastful about, so we're very humble and very hungry right now. I think that is going to lead us to win a lot of games this year."

On who has improved this offseason:

"I feel like Tom Pritchard has been playing really well. He has been a monster. He has been more aggressive and he is getting every rebound. He is maturing into the player that we all thought he could be."

On Cook Hall:

"It is an avenue to help us get better. There is no excuse not to get shots up and get better now. We have 24-hour access, and that is only going to help us."