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IU Cinema Equipment

An innovative alliance between Indiana University and Sony Electronics has played a major role in producing in IU Cinema what possibly will be the best-equipped university cinema in the U.S. An equipment list includes dual 16mm/35mm film projectors, 2K and 4K projectors and playback decks for every HD format imaginable.

Indiana University Cinema Main Components


  • (2) Kinoton FP38 E-S 35/16mm Film Projectors
  • Barco DP2K-32B DCI - 2K Digital Cinema Projector - The brightest projector on the planet
  • Dolby Cat. 960-BAR 3D upgrade kit
  • Sony SRX-T420 4K Digital Video Projector


  • Sony SRW5500/2 HDCAM-SR Studio Recorder
  • Sony HKSR5001 Format Converter Board
  • Sony HKSR5002 Digital Betacam Processor Board
  • Sony HKSR5003 4:4:4 RGB Interface Board
  • Sony RMM110 US Rackmount Kit
  • Sony HDWM2100/20 HDCAM Studio Player, with Multiple Format Legacy Playback
  • Sony RMM131 Rack Mount Kit for Video Tape Recorder
  • Sony BVML170 Trimaster LCD Broadcast Monitor
  • Sony BKM250TG Input Card
  • Sony BKM227W Composite, Y/C Video Inputs for select monitors
  • Sony BKM229X RGB/Component Video Input Module for Select Monitors
  • Sony BKM16R Control Panel, BVM-L and PVM-L Series of monitors
  • Sony SMF700 Monitor Interface Cable for BVM-L Series
  • Sony LKRLZ119 Zoom Lens
  • (2) Sony LKRI003 Dual Link HD-SDI Input Bd for SXRD Prj
  • Sony LKRI005 DVI-I Interface Board w/ HDCP for SXRD 4K Projectors
  • Dolby DSS200 Screen DCinema Server
  • Dolby CP 650D Digital Cinema Processor
  • DTS DTS-XD20 5.1 DTS Digital Audio Player
  • Panasonic AJ-HD3700B D5 Digital VTR
  • Panasonic AJ-HD1400 DVCPRO Digital VTR
  • Sony SRW5500 HDCAM SR VTR


  • Astro Systems, Inc. - DM3400 Monitor, 4K resolution (3840x2160)
  • THX Certification (December, 2010)


  • (260) seats
  • Orchestra pit and Gala Lift to accommodate (15) musicians and an upright piano
  • Screen size - 30' width
  • Surround speakers - JBL 8350A


Kinoton FP 38E - The electronic FP 38 E dual-format projector for 35 mm, 16 mm and Super 16 films is the perfect choice for flexibility as well as excellent reproduction quality. With its enhanced digitally controlled PREMIERE intermittent drive, it sets completely new standards for brilliant top grade cinema pictures.

  • patented direct electronic intermittent drive
  • optimum picture steadiness by correction of mechanical tolerances
  • high optical efficiency due to longer picture dwell time
  • continous electronic framing
  • slideable lens turret for easy threading
  • continuously running electronically controlled shutter for increased brightness and flickerfree projection at all speeds
  • electronically controlled reel shafts provide utmost film protection due to constant film tension at any diameter
  • lamp capacity from 700 W to3,000 W (limited by 16 mm)
  • easy interface to all Kinoton automation systems
  • remote control of projector functions available
  • high quality above-the gate 16 mm soundhead
  • special versions for through-the gate rewind (rock'n'roll operation)
  • quick installation: only one port hole, one lamp and one power supply
  • easy film path, simple operation
  • quick format change
  • absolutely reliable, safe and virtually maintenance-free

Barco DP2K-32B

The top-of-the-line Barco DP2K-32B is the brightest digital cinema projector on the planet. Thanks to this record light output, the unique DP2K-32B is the ultimate 3D machine.

The ultimate 3D machine

The unique DP2K-32B will light up screens up to 32m (105ft) wide with its unmatched image brightness, vibrant colors and exceptionally rich contrast levels.

This amazing image quality will create an unparalleled 3D experience for your audience, as well as more box-office potential for your theater.

Easy maintenance

The DP2K-32B projector has an easy-to-use, fully modular architecture. This modularity significantly minimizes downtime, allows for a minimum spare parts stock and speeds up technicians' learning curves, which significantly reduces cost of ownership.

  • The brightest projector on the planet
  • Lowest cost of ownership thanks to lowest lamp operating cost, re-usable filters, low maintenance, etc.
  • Maximum ease-of-use through intuitive user interface and smart auto lamp alignment
  • Long-term image quality and brightness thanks to proprietary sealed engine and advanced DMD cooling
  • Easy installation and maintenance thanks to proven modular design and common platform with DP2K C-series
  • Next-generation electronics ready for DLP Cinema® Enhanced 4K (dependent on availability of DLP Cinema® enhanced 4K 1.38" DMD from Texas Instruments)

Sony SRX-T420

Sony has expanded its line of ultra-high resolution 4K SXRD® projectors with a new model that provides 8.8 million pixels at more than 20,000 lumens -- the highest brightness to date of any Sony projector. The new SRX-T420 projector is designed to deliver enhanced performance and flexibility in large-venue commercial applications such as entertainment, auditorium/lecture hall presentations, virtual reality, simulation, and more.

The new model incorporates the same 4096 x 2160 resolution of its successful SXRD counterparts with many similar design and control elements for user-friendliness. However, in addition to its high brightness, it delivers an enhanced contrast ratio of 3,000:1, as well as a range of new improvements in performance, interface capability, control software and installation capabilities.

"The desire to take advantage of our 4K projectors' resolution and contrast on very large screens and domes has continually increased," said Andre Floyd, marketing manager for SXRD systems at Sony Electronics. "The SRX-T420 was created specifically to meet that demand. Whether you're projecting images for a theme park, planetarium, mega-church or 3D/stereo virtual reality environments, the enhancements we've made with this new unit more than fit the bill."

The new projector was built to offer system integrators and A/V professionals ease of use and the highest level of installation flexibility, while reducing maintenance issues. For example, the T420 can be fitted with lenses from other models in the SRX series line, and the SRX-C Windows-based controller software allows control of multiple projectors over an Ethernet connection from a single workstation. The unit offers a vertical tilt angle of /- 30 degrees, ideal for dome configurations.

As with other T-series models, the new model supports Adobe RGB color space - with 95 percent coverage of this color gamut; important for visualization and simulation - as part of a wider selection of color spaces, including ITU-R T.709 and DCDM (compatible with the Digital Cinema Initiatives standard).

Additional flexibility is provided through the unit's Gamma settings. A user-defined register is available in addition to 2.2 and 2.6 presets, where the user can set values from 1.8 to 2.59 in steps of 0.01.

Pre-installed but removable interface boards add even more functionality. The LKRI-003 provides HD-SDI capability. With the LKRI-005 board, the projector becomes DVI-enabled with High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP), allowing compatibility with PlayStation3® systems and Blu-ray Disc™ players, and other digital high-definition devices.

With a 92 percent fill ratio and a minuscule inter-pixel gap (0.35 microns), the 4K projectors display incredibly realistic and immersive images, even when projecting content which has a resolution lower than 4K, such as high-definition video. The SXRD projector's 4K resolution is derived from its 4096 by 2160 pixel matrix, providing more than 8.8 million pixels, and allowing it to deliver more than four times the resolution of today's consumer high-definition televisions. Sony's 4K technology is used worldwide for a range of commercial applications such as computer visualization, planetarium and museum exhibition, command and control, simulation, scientific research, education, and defense, as well as for digital cinema.