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Last modified: Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Indiana University posts NCAA self-study certification report

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Indiana University's National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) certification subcommittees have completed their work on the NCAA certification self-study report, and the draft report will be posted from Sept. 14-28 on the official Web site of the IU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, The Web site also will provide opportunity for the public to comment on the self-study report.

Last February, IU President Adam W. Herbert announced that the university would begin a year-long, campus-wide study of its athletics program as part of the NCAA's second cycle of the Division I athletics certification program. In order to ensure academic and fiscal integrity, governance, rules compliance, commitment to equity, student-athlete welfare and sportsmanship within their athletics departments, all NCAA Division I institutions are required to undergo this certification program once every 10 years. The NCAA approved legislation to begin the certification program in 1993, and IU completed its first certification self-study in 1997. Initially, Division I institutions were certified every five years, but NCAA legislation changed that rule to a 10-year cycle with a five-year interim report.

The IU certification committee is led by President Adam W. Herbert; Charlie Nelms, vice president for institutional development and student affairs; and J. Terry Clapacs, vice president and chief administrative officer and IU athletics director. Athletics Department staff members, faculty, other staff members and students also participate in the certification.

Following the conclusion of the self-study, an NCAA peer review team will evaluate the university's work and make a recommendation to the NCAA's Division I Committee on Athletics Certification, which ultimately determines an institution's certification status. A designation of certified, which IU achieved in the first round of certification, means that the university is operating its athletics program in substantial conformity with Division I principles.