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Barbara Coffman
IU Foundation

Last modified: Thursday, January 13, 2011

Six IU Bloomington groups receive Arthur R. Metz Philanthropic Funds for student projects

Jan. 13, 2011

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- The Indiana University Student Foundation (IUSF) recently awarded $25,000 in grant funds from the Arthur R. Metz Philanthropic Opportunity Fund to six IU Bloomington campus student groups.

The program awards $50,000 in two installments, in fall and spring. Student groups that support a philanthropic cause can receive up to $5,000 with a qualifying grant proposal.

The Arthur R. Metz Foundation has funded scholarships and numerous other IU Bloomington campus initiatives such the Metz-Wells Theatre in the Department of Theatre and Drama, the Arthur R. Metz Distinguished Scholars awards, the Wells Scholars Program professorship endowment, the Arthur R. Metz Medical Scholarship and the Arthur R. Metz Carillon.

Funds from the Metz Foundation established the philanthropic opportunities program. The program is intended to provide IU Bloomington students with an opportunity not only to receive funds for philanthropic endeavors, but also to learn how to write and execute effective grant proposals.

IUSF steering committee member Kelsie Ackman said, "Arthur Metz had it right -- learning to care about others and giving back has to start at a young age. As a student, it's sometimes easy to get so self-focused that you forget there is a larger world with real issues that need people to care enough to help with change. It was awesome to witness students developing very creative projects that are about caring for others."

The fall 2010 winning campus group projects are:

Building Tomorrow at IU: $5,000

Building Tomorrow at IU (BTIU) is an organization dedicated to encouraging philanthropy among young people by raising awareness and funds to build and support educational infrastructure projects for under-served children in sub-Saharan Africa. BTIU is currently working to raise $45,000 to cover the costs of building a primary school that will provide children in Africa their first opportunity to receive a formal education.

Delta Phi Omega: $2,500

Delta Phi Omega Sorority at IU is composed of women who strive to highlight South Asian culture through participation in community and social service projects. Their national philanthropy is Literacy through Unity Week which attempts to bring about awareness of the problem of illiteracy in Bloomington. The young women will work with local elementary schools and the Boys and Girls Club to play games and hold events that engage the students in reading activities and hopefully inspire them to continue to improve their reading skills.

Students Helping Students: $4,500

SHS works with at-risk youth in Monroe County to help them graduate from high school and pursue higher education by encouraging them to enroll in the 21st Century Scholars Program, which would provide free tuition to any in-state college. SHS works with the Partners in Education (PIE) group to mentor and introduce students to IU and its campus by arranging visits to academic departments and providing opportunities to meet IU faculty, staff and current students.

Habitat for Humanity at IU: $5,000

Habitat for Humanity at IU works in close partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County to raise awareness of the need for homes for families in Monroe County and to raise funds to donate for local and international construction. With the grant money the group will buy more building materials which will allow it to involve more IU students who will partner with families at a worksite or at ReStore, Habitat's recycling store.

Women's Student Association: $5,000

Women's Student Association (WSA) at IU is dedicated to supporting women through activism and education within the university and Bloomington communities. It is a political and educational organization that takes a stand on issues facing women, such as racism and sexism, and educates others about these issues. WSA will use its award to produce "The Vagina Monologues," which will raise funds to support Middle Way House in Bloomington and a national coalition in Haiti working against violence toward women and girls.

University Coalitions for Global Health: $3,000

University Coalitions for Global Health (UCGH) is an IU student organization dedicated to improving health around the world as well as in Bloomington. It has partnered with Charity, a non-profit organization that attempts to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. UCGH will host a two-part event called "Lug-a-Jug" to bring awareness of global water issues to the IU student population through creative presentations and displays.

Arthu Metz

Photo courtesy of IU Archives

Arthu Metz

All of this good work is being accomplished because of the lasting legacy of Arthur R. Metz through his generous gifts for IU.

"Even though Arthur R. Metz was a scholar, soldier, eminent surgeon and sportsman, his greatest accomplishment is his continuing philanthropic legacy of developing and supporting the higher education of young people into perpetuity through his endowed scholarships and grants," said Gene Tempel, president of the IU Foundation.

Metz was an alumnus and a frequent visitor to Bloomington and ultimately a significant contributor to the history and cultural heritage of the campus. Born and raised in rural Indiana, Metz had both an ardent zest for adventure and a thirst for knowledge. He participated in African safaris, served as a captain in the Armed Forces during World War I, researched and practiced the use of X-ray technologies, and was personal physician to the Wrigley family, team physician to the Chicago Cubs, and chief surgeon to several railroad companies.

Metz funded the construction of a special suite on the sixth floor of the Indiana Memorial Union that now contains some of the fine art and collectibles from his vast collection. The impressive quarters have been frequented by such dignitaries as Mikhail Gorbachev and his Holiness the Dali Lama. Metz was a good friend of Herman B Wells and served on the IU Foundation's Board of Directors from 1960 until his death in 1963.

The IU Student Foundation was established in 1950 in order to provide IU Bloomington undergraduates an opportunity to learn about the power of private philanthropic support, take part in community service, receive leadership training and make life-long friendships. Student Foundation members annually organize and produce more than 60 events, including the Little 500 bike race, and award more than $150,000 annually in scholarship and grant funds for IU Bloomington students.

For the spring 2011 Metz grant fund application, see Applications are due on March 4.