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Bloomington Herald-Times

January 28, 2011

IU again sets new spring records for enrollment and credit hours
By Mike Leonard
January 28, 2011

Indiana University set new enrollment and credit hours records for the spring semester of 2010, which began Jan. 10.

The numbers slightly topped last spring's records, with 102,782 students enrolled across the university's eight campuses taking 1,194,971.3 credit hours. The figures represent increases over last year of 1.1 and 1.3 respectively.

Spring enrollments consistently lag behind fall enrollments and this year is no exception. Fall enrollment was 109,445 across the IU system, with students taking 1,277,400 hours.

The Bloomington campus saw an enrollment of 42,464 students in the fall and 40,456 for the spring, a 4.7 percent decline. Still, the spring enrollment represents a 0.6 percent increase from last spring, which was the first time spring enrollment topped the 40,000 mark. The credit hours total of 529,730 is a 0.3 percent increase from last spring.

Several campuses set spring enrollment records, with IU East in Richmond leading the way with 2,975 students and a 7.4 percent increase from last spring. Only Fort Wayne showed a decrease from last year with 6,968 students, a drop of 180 from last spring.

The Indianapolis campus enrolled a record 29,197 students, an increase of 197 from last spring.

New IU football coach had dust-up in residence hall
Wilson apologized day after 'uncharacteristic,' late-night reaction to students on campus
By Mike Leonard
January 28, 2011

An on-campus incident last month involving new head football coach Kevin Wilson has been investigated and resolved to the satisfaction of the parties involved, Indiana University athletic director Fred Glass said this week.

Glass and Residential Programs and Services Director Pat Connor both said they consider the matter "closed and dealt with" -- by Glass' description.

The incident occurred between midnight and 1 a.m. on the morning of Dec. 14, a week after the former University of Oklahoma assistant was introduced in Bloomington as IU's new head coach, replacing the fired Bill Lynch.

Wilson and his family had been staying at the Indiana Memorial Union, Glass explained, but after the coach's family returned to their home in Oklahoma, Wilson was offered short-term accommodations in a nicely-appointed guest suite in the McNutt Residence Center. The suite is in the central service area building with its own entrance and is not connected to the six five-story residential towers that house students.

"It was late, maybe 12:30 to 1 or so and coach Wilson couldn't find the entrance," Glass said. "He couldn't figure out how to get in and wound up getting into the dorm itself."

Glass said the new football coach wandered through the labyrinthine halls for some time before coming across a couple of resident assistants who were engaged with students being charged for an alcohol violation. Wilson pressed the RAs for directions to his suite and the RAs asked him to step aside so that they could finish what they were doing before they helped him.

"In the course of his frustration Kevin did have a few choice words, not at the RAs but in general," Glass said. "He had a few choice words with some curse words mixed in. It wasn't the right thing to do.

"He had a beer with a pizza dinner. I don't believe in any way that he was intoxicated," Glass said.

The incident was reported by the RAs, and it traveled up the chain of command to residential manager John Summerlot, RPS operations director Bob Weith and finally to RPS executive director Connor. Connor said he relayed the information to Glass because if one of his staff had been involved in a similar incident on campus, he'd want to know about it.

"Kevin apologized the next day," Glass said. "He reflected that he was tired, frustrated and had been wandering around for 45 minutes and he reacted in what he viewed was an uncharacteristic manner. He manned up and took responsibility for it.

"He said some things that weren't appropriate to say," the athletic director said. "That's been dealt with. He owned up to it and residence halls and athletics consider the case closed and it's time to move on."

Glass said Wilson is currently on the road recruiting and would not have a comment on the situation at this time.